Başaran: We are waiting for a statement from the government regarding the fire in İmralı

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  • 13:57 27 February 2020
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ANKARA – "We are waiting for a serious statement from the government as soon as possible," said MP Ayşe Acar Başaran, who made a statement at the HDP Headquarters regarding the fire that was reported to have occurred in İmralı.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) MP Ayşe Acar Başaran held a press conference at the party's headquarters on the fire in Imrali and the situation of Abdullah Öcalan.
Pointing to the sensitivity of the situation and calling for the HDP delegation to be sent to İmralı immediately, Başaran said: “A few hours ago, we heard that a fire broke out in İmralı from the press. The Minister of Interrior have made a flippant statement regarding the fire. Mr. Öcalan have been living in severe isolation conditions for the last 22 years. The is kept in isolation without attorney and family visitations. The last visit with Mr. Öcalan was in August. They prevent any communication with the society in any way and we see its results today. 
It is stated that a fire borke out in İmralı today. However the Minister of Interrior vaguely mentions it in a tv show he attended to , like thousands of people hadn't start a hunger strike for him, like the government did not negotiated with him, like its a common unimportant situation. Thousands of people have called our party building demanding a clarification about the situation.
Because, normally, in any prison, people are allowed to meet their family and lawyers in such a situation. However, it makes us very worried that this situation, which concerns the entire Kurdish people, is slurred over like its nothing. We have been investigating the incident from the moment we heard it. We want to warn the authorities once more: this is the sort of situation that can cause outrage in the society. These flippant approaches are insufficient. We are expecting a detail explanation from the government as soon as possible."

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