Family of Mehmet Bal, who has been missing for 24 days: Disappeared under state responsibility

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  • 11:01 17 February 2020
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İSTANBUL- The family of Mehmet Bal, whose whereabouts remain unknown for 24 days stated that Bal disappeared under state responsibility, while HDP PM member Ferhat Encü expressed that state mechanisms did not focus on the issue.

Mehmet Bal's family, who came to İstanbul from Batman on January 24 in order to visit their son in prison and have never heard from Mehmet Bal since the same date issued a press release at the Batman Association of Bağcılar.
Abdulselam Bal, the relative of Mehmet Bal, noted that Mehmet Bal, who has not been missing for 24 days, has disappeared under state responsibility.
Asking his father to be found immediately, Nihat Bal, son of Bal, indicated as follows: “It is our right to know where my father is. During this time, we have not received a single piece of information. We have no information whether he has fallen and lost in some place or he is dead or alive. Authorized institutions do not share information with us. I want my father to be found immediately."
Speaking at the press release, People's Democratic Party (HDP) former MP and Party Assembly (PM) member Ferhat Encü stated that as party, they made all attempts to find Mehmet Bal in various platforms in the parliement. Emphasizing that the missing poeple are a cause of deep stress in Kurdish society's memories, Encü said, “The whereabouts of Mehmet Bal has been unknown for 24 days. Why is he not found yet? Who has kidnapped him? We haven't yet received a response for non of these questions. Therefore, if a person is gone missing, this is state's responsibiliy. Although the state authorities and mechanisms are the ones to focus on this issue, unfortunately they avoid responsilibity via casual statement. The state has to make a statement about why Mehmet Bal is missing. We, as HDP, her family and the public inform the state that we follower this issue. We will keep following this issue until Mehmet Bal is found."

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