Mother Dilber Kaya: They are trying to whitewash themselves calling my son a 'terrorist'

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  • 15:05 10 December 2019
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AĞRI - Dilber Kaya, mother of Murat Kaya who was killed by the soldiers in Ağrı's Soğukpınar village, said: "They are trying to whitewash themselves by blaming my son to be a 'terrorist'.

FAmily members of Murat Kaya who was killed during a raid on a village carried out in December 6 told about what they have been through. While there are bullet holes in numerous houses in the village, the neighbor's house in which Murat Kaya sought refuge was bombed with hand grenades. There are still blood stains on the walls of the houses. 
Fettah Yalçın, brother of Murat Kaya who was taken into custody with torture and was released after 3 days, said: "I saw that the village was blockaded by the soldiers around 06.40 in the morning. I went there and asked the soldiers why they were here. I noticed that Cemal Aksoy was also there with the soldiers. They asked him if there were anyone in the village at that time. Cemal said he did not know. We lit a cigarette with Cemal and heard the sounds of the guns.We tried to escape but they told us to lay on the ground.We stayed on the ground until the gun fire ended. Then the soldiers started to hit us. They were going to crush us with the armoured vehicles. They were beating the other two villages in the dirt. They took Cemal inside the house after the gun fire ended. Then I saw him covered in blood. The soldiers told 'We should run them over with the armoured vehicles'. They layed us on the ground over the snow and kept us waiting there for 4 hours.
Yalçın who said he did not know that his brother was killed at the time, said: "I did't see my brother there but I heard a soldier saying a civillian had lost their life. I didn't know that the civillian was my brother. I learned that after I was released. They cracked my skull in a few different places. There were no lawyers. My brother Murat Kaya was a civillian. He was there to see what was happening."
Mother Dilber Kaya said: "I saw that the village was being raided by scores of soldiers. I woke Murat up. I told him not to get out of the house but he told me his brother Fettah's house was being raided by the police and he'll go see what was happening. He went out with slippers. I called out her him 3 times. He told me to go in and not to get hurt by the bullets. After a while a soldier came and told me Murat needed a sweater and socks. He was gone before I was able to bring them. My son has 3 children. He was not from PKK. I will keep saying that everywhere. Everyone in the village knows this fact." 
Maksut Yalçın, other brother of Kaya said: "After the gun fire started, Murat panicked and tried to run. He got shot and went into a neighbor's house. They raked that house. I don't understand the need to rake someone eventhough they are already shot. He was unrecognizable. The soldiers claim my brother dropped a bomb. He wouldn't know a bomb if he'd seen one. My brother was a civillian and he was killed by soldiers. I am calling on to the HDP and CHP MPs to investigate this murder."

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