Altan: ISIS is trying to enter places they couldn't before with the help of Turkey

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  • 11:21 17 October 2019
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İSTANBUL - Peace activist and former war pilot Bahadır Altan said ISIS is trying to enter places they couldn't before with the help of Turkey. 

Turkey's operation launched on October 9 against North and Easy Syria that poses Turkey no military threat, have evolved into an international crisis. Turkey have entered North and East Syria with TSK troops and salafi groups gathered under the name Free Syrian Army (ÖSO) which they later named 'National Syrian Army'. While the attack overturns the regional balances, it also led to many civillian deatsh and re-emerged the threat of ISIS.
Peace activist and former war pilot Bahadır Altan evaluated the latests developments of the operation and  the international reactions that turned into heavy sanctions.
Reactions to the attacks against North and East Syria continues. Peace Block Co-spokesperson and former war pilot Bahadır Altan said AKP is dragging the country in a civil war.
Altan, stating that every country involved has their own agenda in this war, said: "AKP is trying to send a message to the domestic politics using the war as an opportunity. Although AKP does not call this an 'occupation' it is clear that they are trying to change the demography of the region just like they did in Afrin. This is the reason of the operation."
Altan, drawing attention to the fact that Turkey is allied with groups no different than ISIS itself, said: "And they call this the national army of Syria. This alone shows the intention of Turkey very clearly. Turkey does not accept the national army of Syria as 'national', which means they do not accept Syria as a state. And then he says we are in favor of territorial integrity." Recalling Erdoğan's first step back, Altan said: "Erdoğan said he is not uncomfortable with Esad being there. This is his first step back. He figured out that he is in a swamp."
Altan, stating that ISIS is entering places they never were able to with the help of Turkey, said: "YPG did not let ISIS into Afrin. ISIS entered Afrin with the help of Turkey. Now they are doing the same thing in the east of the Euphrates. ISIS prisoners are escaping from the prisons one after the other. The whole world sees that. That makes Turkey more and more alone everyday. The biggest danger is that neighboring countries are seeing us as enemies.  If an opportunity arises in the neighbor, we are a country that tries to invade their lands.These facts will eventually be seen. I think this is the end of the road. Turkey will soon see what the world already saw."

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