HDP Women's Assembly calls for 'solution' for mothers

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  • 13:09 20 September 2019
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ANKARA - HDP Women's Assembly Spokesperson Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir, stating that AKP- MHP and Ergenekon is using the suffering of the mothers, said: "Let us establish the politics of peace and let no mother be discriminated and find solutions for everyone."

People's Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Assembly Spokesperson Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir spoke at the Women's Assembly meeting held at the headquarters of the party, made assessments on the agenda and the mothers.
Taşdemir stated that the women are struggling for the municipalities where trustees were appointed and the co-chair system. Taşdemir stating that HDP emerged as the hope of the people in June 7 elections, said: "Us, the women and the HDP is an impostant force in the face of this one man system they are trying to build. We revealed this force in March 31 and June 24 elections both in Turkey and in Kurdistan. As a result of this, as every single one of us witnesses, our party became a target to their attacks."
Taşdemir stated that the sit in in front of Diyarbakır HDP building is a game of AKP- MHP and Ergenekon. Taşdemir said: "They are playing games using the pain and suffering of the mothers. If you really mean to embrace the pain of these mothers, if you say ww don't want the mothers to shed one more tear, let us establish the politics of peace and find solution for everyone not discriminating mothers. The solution is not sitting on our doorstep and play with people's perception."

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