Mother who was prevented from taking action in front of AKP: Where should we go?

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  • 12:01 18 September 2019
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İSTANBUL - Fatma Okka, one of the mothers doing a sit in in front of AKP, stating that the police hurled them out of there, said: "Mothers are doing a sit in in Dİyarbakır, workers are doing a sit in in front of CHP, but we can't sit in front of AKP" and said that they will continue until they get results.

The families of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) İstanbul Air Force Academy students who were taken under custody at the July 15 2016 Military Coup process and was arrested afterwards, staged a sit in in front of AKP İstanbul Provincial Presidency for a while the day before, in front of the police barricades. The police responded by saying 'This is not the place to look for justice, go to the judiciary'. The families who were kicked out from the party building, went to İstanbul Court house in Çağlayan and held a press conference. Fatma Okka, mother of Burak Okka spoke the Mesopotamia Agency regarding what they are going through.
Mother Okka, recalling that her son was taken to a post with an order 3 years ago on July 15, said he was arrested for it and taken to Silivri No 2 Prison afterwards, said: "My son is in Silivri dungeon for 3 years and 2 months, rotting between those walls. They are holding him unlawfully." Mother Okka who states that she left no doors unknocked in the last 3 years, said: "I am ashamed to face my child now. Our children were sentenced to life in prison! Those generals, high ranking soldiers are free to go anywhere they like while our children rot between prison walls."
Okka stating that they trusted their child to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), said: "We went to the AKP building the other day to make our voices be heard and they kicked us out of there. They didn't even let us sit at the park across the building. We were brought to the bus station 'accompanied' by 10 police officers. Are we not the citizens of this country? Where should we go for a solution?"
Okka mentioning the mothers doing a sit in in front of HDP Diyarbakır Provincial building, said: "Mothers are sitting in, in front of HDP, some dismissed workers are sitting in in front of CHP but we can't. Those mothers sitting in Diyarbakır are free to launch a sit in, and we are not. Okka stating that they were threatened with detention, said: "The press workers who came to speak to us were also removed by the police." Okka emphasized that they will continue their sit in until some statement is made by someone authorized. Okka who stated they wanted their children to be free and with them, said they only want justice.

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