AKP co-founder Bostan: Resignation and expulsions are a matter of life and death for the party

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  • 10:31 11 September 2019
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İSTANBUL - Fatma Bostan Ünal, one of the founders of AKP who stated that the expulsions and the resignations in AKP is bothering both Erdoğan and other party officials, said these are a matter of life and death for the party.

AKP who aggravates the internal and the external issues, opens their ability to govern the country into discussion and as a result of that the conflict and the contradictions in the party grows. The fact that the four names including former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who was dismissed by Erdoğan was sent to the disciplinary committee with the demand of expulsion, lead to Ali Babacan, a former minister to announce that they will found a new party.
Ünsal who pointed out that the expulsions and resignations have increased lately in AKP, said those expulsions and resignations is now a matter that bothers almost all members. Ünsal said: "Now the character of those who are expelled or resignated from the party is rather different then those who left the party individually before. . It is a matter of life and death for the party whose existence depends on its strength and power. 
Ünsal argued that many politicians in the AKP have taken a critical attitude towards their party behind closed doors for the last four years and reminded that this is the first time the criticisms were clearly reflect to the public. Unsal who draws attention to the resignations that came after those criticisms, said: "The developments seem to shake AKP which is very stuck and has to cope with opposite developments at the same time. They have to democratize and they are trying to do something about it. The Judicial Reform Strategy, the acquittals of peace academics..I can say that there is an environment that encourages political movements in which the expulsion and resignations are at the center,however the exit does not seem easy from where they are."

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