Police operations against HDP continue in Mardin and Şırnak

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  • 11:45 17 August 2019
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NEWS DESK - The number of HDP people detained in Mardin and Şırnak is on the increase following new raids this week.

Two people were detained during house raids in Şırnak and Mardin on Friday.
Police carried out new house raids in Mardin and Şırnak taking into custody a large number of people, including HDP municipal councilors and party members.
While the proceedings of the detainees continued, 5 people who were detained in the center of Şırnak were referred to Şırnak Courthouse after their statements.
While three people were released to the court under the condition of judicial control, two people, Abdülaziz Beyter and Hüseyin Çiftçi were remanded on charges of being "members of an illegal organization".
HDP deputies Hatice Kaya and Mehmet Erarslan, who were taken into custody in Idil, were released on Thursday after giving their stataments to the police, while HDP Vahap Ozel and Idil Yalcinkaya were released on Friday.
Sirnak Governorate announced that 21 people were detained.
Detentions increased in Mardin
The investigation about the detainees in Nusaybin (Mardin) was put under confidentiality order. Two people were said to have a 4-day detention decision.
In Kiziltepe the statements of the people taken into custody were supposed to have been taken on Friday. While the exact number of detainees in Kızıltepe is not known, Irfan Yakut, who was detained in Dargeçit, is expected to be referred to the prosecutor's office.
On the other hand, Yusuf Abukan was taken into custody during the house raid in Yalik district of Artuklu district of Mardin, and his brother Vedat Abukan was also reportedly detained.
The Mardin Chief Public Prosecutor's Office said the number of those detained was 11.

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