1000 days of state of emergency in Van

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  • 10:03 17 August 2019
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VAN- The ban Van Governership declared in the city for actions and activities is on its 1000th day.  In the city where hundreds of events are banned, from environmental activities to bicycle tours, from cultural and art events to distribution of declarations, all objections to the prohibitions are rejected by the court.

The Van Governorship has decided to ban actions and activities in the city every 15 days since November 21, 2016, citing the State of Emergency (OHAL) announced after the July 15 military uprising. All applications made for the activities subject to the permissions of the governorship in the city center and the district governorships in the district centers are rejected.  While the ban of the governership reached day 1000 today, these bans and prohibitions does not cover the actions and activities of the groups close to AKP. Police vehicles are kept waiting in almost every corner of the city, especially in front of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) Van provincial building.
Here are some of the activities prohibited by the Governor of Van:
* The panel organized by the HDP Van Provincial Organization on the application of uniform clothing in prisons was banned by saying “Content is objectionable”.
* Van Governor's Office issued a circular prohibiting all kinds of action near the prisons in the city.
* The governor's office banned indefinitely the press releases to be held in Feqiyê Teyran Park, Cumhuriyet Street, Sanat Street, which are the centers where press releases are made in the city.
* The march planned by the HDP in Diyarbakır to support Leyla Güven on hunger strike was banned in Van. The deputies were not allowed to walk.
* The governor's office did not allow the press statement Language Culture and Art Research Association (DİSA-DER) wanted to make in Dabbağoğlu Park due to the International Mother Tongue Day on 21 February.
* The governorship of Van imposed a ban on action and activity throughout the day on the grounds of 4 April, the birthday of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.
*Van Governership banned all actions and activities in the city after YSK did not give the mandates of the elected HDP candidates because they were discharged with a law decree. 
* Van Governorship forbade the removal of concrete blocks placed around municipalities during the trustee period.
* Van Governership allowed the rally on May 1 Labour Day with the condition of some banners not to be used. 
* The press releases requested due to Kurdish Language Festival was not allowed.
* The justice watch that was hosted by one of the bars every month was going to be done in Van with the attendance of 23 bars. The governership did not allow it. 
* Kurdish artist Mem Ararat's concert in Van was banned by the governorship
* The autograph session of the book Blue Love by writer Şehabettin Demir to be held in Van, Erciş, was banned by the district governer. 
* The Van Bar Association's cycling activity to keep Vangölü clean was not allowed.
* The press release of the non-governmental organizations in the city about the HEPP to be established in Kanisspi in Çatak was banned.

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