Faik Bulut evaluating the 'Claw Operation':A policy that has not been successful for 200 years can not be successful now

İSTANBUL - Writer Faik Bulut who evaluated Turkey's 'Claw Operation' against Federated Kurdistan District, stating that Turkey does anything in their power to hurt the Kurds, said: "There is no end to it.A policy that has not been successful for 200 years can not be successful now."
The 'Claw Operation Turkish Armed Forces launched against Bradost in Iraq Federated Kurdistan District on May 27, left behind 2 months.Middle East expert Writer Faik Bulut evaluated the the operation of Turkey in Federated Kurdistan District, the attempts to evacuate villages and the support the local administration give to the operation.
Bulut, stating that Turkey has a spesific purpose for the operation in Iraq Federated Kurdistan District, drew attention to the fact that Turkey is trying to form a influence area covering southern Kurdistan including Sengal, Aleppo, Kirkuk and Mosul. Bulut stating that Turkey is trying to control these areas as a mandate, said: "But there are some situations that are not compatible with Turkey in the region. For example there are gang like organizations including El Kaide under the name of National Syrian Army, supported by Turkey. There are Iran, Syria and QSD. There are Sengal troops in Sengal region.Turkey is trying to intimidate the resistance points in a way."
Bulut stating that Turkey needed to launch a second operation when the first one failed,said: "Turkey does anything in their power to hurt the Kurds. There is no end to it.A policy that has not been successful for 200 years can not be successful now. Both sides will suffer as it prolongs. It harms both sides and causes loss of life and property.But they will understand one day. Recep Tayyip Erdogan summons the chiefs of staff before the so-called solution process and asks, "Are you satisfied with the result?" ‘No’ is the answer. Then we'll try another method’ he says. He'll probably remember that one day. Erdogan or his replacement will understand this eventually."

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