Survey firm predicts Istanbul: AKP voter turnout will fall


ISTANBUL - REMRES Research Manager Emre Sismanlar stated that Ekrem Imamoglu opened the gap close to 3 points, and the increasing difference is due to the decrease in AKP voters going to the polls.

REMRES Public Opinion Research predicted  for the March 31 Local Elections that Ekrem İmamoğlu would recieve 48.34 percent of the votes while Binali Yildirim would recieve 48.91. REMRES estimated the results closest to the actual results amongst the survey companies. Remres recently announced its report on the June 23 elections in Istanbul and said İmamoğlu will recieve 51.14 percent of the votes while Yildirim's vote rate showed 48.53.
REMRES Research Manager Emre Şişmanlar pointed out the change in the election atmosphere in Istanbul. Saying that the AKP started to carry out a campaign similar to the AKP, Şişmanlar said: "Survival and terrorism are no longer mentioned. Abstract concepts are no longer being discussed. The AKP is now talking about reductions, the economy and employment. They have turned their strategy to CHP strategy before 31 March elections. Binali Yildirim was not seen out on the streets before. Now we are constantly seeing him out on the streets, taking young people with him, claiming they are his 'buddies'. Imamoglu's campaign has inevitably affected Yıldırım. ”
Şişmanlar who stated that after the change of atmosphere, the vote difference has changed close to 3 percent, said: "Voters in Turkey are polarized to a great extent. When we look at the social media after the debate between İmamoğlu and Yıldırım, we see that not even one person criticizes their own candidate. The difference will be due to the fact that the  participation may drop a little more. Participation is expected to drop, especially for the AKP. Because the opposition is very concentrated on that issue ”.
Şişmanlar who stated that he doesn't see a change int he strategy of HDP who determined the fate of the election in İstanbul, said: "Kurdish voters are the most organized voter group in Turkey. And I don't think a change would be experienced unless there is a statement from the HDP flank."
Şişmanlar stated that the conservative-Kurdish voters who had previously voted for the AKP are hesitant to go to the polls and said: "There is nothing that would require the Kurdish voters to vote for the AKP if they go. In addition, HDP and opposing Kurdish voters effects the conservative voters and say 'ıf you do not vote for us, don't go to the polls for AKP." 
Şişmanoğlu who states that the survey companies who estimated that Binali Yıldırım would be ahead by 8-9 points, are now estimating that İmamoğlu will be ahead and said: "Survey compaines are now falling into the position of AKP media. They are getting reactions from even their own audience and forced to give the right results."

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