The police who tortured the children not investigated

VAN - Not even an investigation was launched against the police who tortured 3 children aged between 14 and 17 under custody.
The 3 children who were taken under custody in Van on February 15, were tortured while being taken under custody and the torture continued in the Public Security Branch Office. The 3 boys, Ö.S (14), Ş.Y (16) and O.D (17) told that they were hit in the head with the butt of a weapon, punched in the face and their heads were put into the toilet.
The traces that occur in different parts of the bodies of the children, despite the confirmation of these discourses in the last 4 months over the event, the accountants were not revealed and asked account.
The Van Bar Association's notice and criminal complaint regarding the incident was also processed and an investigation was not opened.
Van Bar Association and the lawyers announcing the incident to the public, targeted by the Provincial Police Department, announced that they will make a criminal complaint against them. However, it was learned that no investigation has been initiated.
The 3 children who had fractures, bruises and scars on their faces and various parts of their bodies, told what had happened.
17-year-old O.D: "They hit my back with the butt of their gun. They kicked me with their boots. When I was caught, they grabbed my hair and punched me in the face. They took us to Tuşba Public Security Police Station. There they slapped us. They put my head into the toilet and insulted me and swore.”
16-year-old Ş.Y: "Before the arrest, they fired at us and pepper sprayed us. I stopped when they asked me to. They laid me down and handcuffed me from my back. Then they slapped and kicked me. They hit me in the back with the butt of their weapon. Then they punched me in the face and in the eye and in the nose. They took us to Tuşba Public Security Police Station. They wanted to get information from us there. When I said I didn't know anything, they slapped me. They insulted and swore very severely.”
14 year old Ö.S: “I live in the neighborhood of Hacıbekir. I left home to go to the grocery store. After I finished shopping I got out on the street, a police vehicle stopped by me. I wasn't afraid in any way. Eight cops got out of the car and they handcuffed me from the back. They laid me on the ground and hit oe from my back twice with a butt. 8 policemen assaulted me. Then three of them picked me up and punched me in the face.They kept battering me in the police car, showing a bullet and hitting me with it.   They took us to the police station behind Van Mall. They wanted to get information from me there. I said I didn't know anything and didn't see anything. They slapped me. They kept insulting me. They took me to the bathroom and put my head in the toilet."

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