Meetings will be held regarding isolation and the Kurdish issue


AMED - MED TUHAD-FED Co-chair Kerem Canpolat said that they will hold meetings that will include all segments of society for the solution of the Imrali isolation and the Kurdish issue, and said: "We will come together with the Turkish society and explain that the answerer of the solution is Mr. Öcalan."

With their statements and published reports, human rights and legal organizations draw attention to the violations experienced by political prisoners, including strip searches in prisons, postponement of execution, exile, arbitrary room raids and failure to treat ill prisoners. One of the prisons that activists draw attention to is Imrali Type F High Security Prison. As the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan deepened, the prisoners took the hunger strike they started on November 27, 2023, demanding "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and a solution to the Kurdish issue" to a new stage on April 4. Prisoners decided not to attend family meetings, courts and phone calls.
Families of the prisoners took their "Justice Watch" actions to a new stage and started the "Speak up for freedom" action by going to prisons every Monday. Relatives of prisoners are also protesting against isolation in front of the Ministry of Justice and AKP provincial buildings.
MED Prisoner and Convict Families Federation of Legal and Solidarity Associations (MED TUHAD-FED) Co-Chair Kerem Canpolat evaluated the rights violations in prisons and the demands of the prisoners.
Explaining that the release of prisoners was prevented due to the ongoing protests in prisons and that they were faced with arbitrary practices, Canpolat stated that, as the federation, they received hundreds of applications regarding rights violations.
Stating that the prisoners who were in action were sent to prisons, especially away from their families, Canpolat said: “These exiles have two parts. The first is to isolate the prisoner by taking them to distant places, and the second is to punish them by keeping the family away from their relatives. Recently, nearly 50 prisoners were sent from Riha (Urfa-Kurdistan) and Amed to the prisons of distant cities such as Burdur, Antalya and the cities in Black Sea. There are exiles due to the protests, but the prisoners are determined in their actions." 
(MED TUHAD-FED Co-Chair Kerem Canpolat)
Stating that there are more than a thousand ill prisoners in prisons, Canpolat stated that among them there are prisoners with serious diseases. Adding that the treatment of the prisoners was deliberately delayed, "Prisoners are being released close to death just so that they do not die in prison" Canpolat said.
Reminding that AKP's Efkan Ala announced before the election that he was working for ill prisoners, Canpolat said: “These words were an election investment, to mislead the public. After the election, the attitude changes completely, there is a state of indifference as before. There is no cure for ill prisoners. Although the prisoners' disease stage has reached a very advanced level and they need to be treated in full-fledged hospitals, they continue to be held in prison due to the Forensic Medicine Institute's report saying 'They cab stay in prison'. However, there is an insensitivity in the entire society on this issue, and this needs to be overcome."
Canpolat said that AKP Chair and President Erdoğan released the convicts of the February 28 case on the grounds of "continuous illness and old age", but continued to keep older prisoners such as Makbule Özer in prison, adding: "There is a different approach towards Kurds in Turkey. This is the official policy of the state."
Pointing out that the Prison Administration and Observation Board prevents the release of many prisoners, Canpolat said: “Speaking out, petitioning, and going on hunger strike are cited as justifications. A person who has been in prison for 30 years is called and asked, 'Do you regret it?' is asked. This is the biggest reason for evacuation postponement. What will a person regret after 30 years? This situation is inhumane. There is even an imam among the decision-making committee. Their statements are accepted and they are executed. There is nothing legal about this, it is purely political."
Stating that the families are worried because the prisoners do not attend meetings within the scope of the action, Canpolat said: “The fact that the lawyers do not meet with the families causes anxiety in the society. The main reason for the unrest in society is the failure to solve the Kurdish issue. The answerer of this is the state and Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. The state has tried this way before, we all saw that it is a good way. The answer to the insistence abolishing the isolation should be sought here. There is also a human dimension to this issue; 3-4 people have not been allowed to see their families there for nearly 4-5 years. There is no excuse or explanation for this. What kind of crime could a person commit on an island prison? All these are excuses."
Canpolat explained the reason why the prisoners took their protests to a different level on April 4: “In our opinion, one reason for this was a criticism of the public, democratic groups and institutions, and all politicians. It is a criticism of not doing your duty properly. Secondly, they wanted to show the public opinion, both in Turkey and around the world, how to overcome the isolation by using democratic methods as soon as possible.”
Stating that they will hold meetings that will include all segments of Turkey to end the isolation in Imrali and solve the Kurdish issue, Canpolat stated that they plan to bring together intellectuals, writers, wise people and Russians. Canpolat said: "We will come together with the Turkish society and explain that the urgent issue that needs to be solved in this country is the Kurdish issue and that the answerer for its solution is Mr. Öcalan."
Canpolat continued his words as follows: “We need to tell the people that we are not different from each other, that we all have the same concern, that our concern is the rule of law and the arrival of justice. The delegation to be formed for this purpose will include well-known artists, actors, writers and scientists from Turkey. It is necessary to reach every part of Turkey and Kurdistan with the broadest participation and sensitize the society on this issue. This program will be announced to the public soon. This program will aim to explain the damage that the isolation has caused to Turkey."
MA / Müjdat Can

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