Pliers torture not in the indictment

AGIRÎ - Statements regarding torture were not included in the indictment against DEM Party member Birindar Gezici, who was tortured with pliers at the police station where he was detained in Bazîd district.
Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Assembly member Birindar Gezici was detained in Bazîd (Doğubayazıt) district of Agirî on 9 March. Gezici was tortured by soldiers and village guards at the police station where he was taken after being detained. Gezici, who was tortured with iron rods and pliers for two days, was arrested by the court on the charge of "being a member of a terrorist organization".
Ağrı Chief Public Prosecutor's Office prepared a 3-page indictment against Gezici. The indictment was accepted by the Ağrı 2nd Ağrı Criminal Court. The indictment did not include Gezici's statements regarding his torture in custody and at the prosecutor's office.
Gezici was accused of "being a member of a terrorist organization" based on open witness statements. In the indictment, it was claimed that Gezici committed a "crime" by going beyond the border, pointing out that Gezici had previously been subject to judicial control on the grounds of "terrorism propaganda". In the indictment, "The suspect tried to leave country after the judicial control measure of not being able to go abroad was implemented, there was an identification and statement that the suspect was operating as a manager in the youth structure of the organization in Van province, the suspect's defense was aimed at avoiding punishment, it was alleged that the suspect was caught while trying to cross into Iran to join the Iranian structure of the organization upon the instructions of PKK members, and that he followed the instructions by being included in the hierarchical structure of the organization (...)".
Ağrı Chief Public Prosecutor's Office also ruled "without jurisdiction" regarding Gezici's criminal complaint regarding the torture he was subjected to. The file was sent to Doğubayazıt Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. Gezici's first hearing will be held on May 28 at Ağrı 2nd High Criminal Court.

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