Visit from International Delegation of Lawyers to Ocalan's lawyers

ISTANBUL - The delegation of the "International Delegation of Lawyers Against Isolation", which is in Turkey visited Asrın Law Firm for PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan.
"International Delegation of Lawyers Against Isolation" consisting of 12 lawyers from Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Italy and Norway in Turkey started some visits in Istanbul after Amed (Diyarbakır) regarding PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held under absolute isolation conditions in Imralı High Security Type F Prison and has not been heard from for 36 months. 
The first address of the delegation was Asrın Law Firm, which represents PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan. The delegation was welcomed by office lawyers Raziye Oztürk, Rezan Sarıca, Ibrahim Bilmez and Cengiz Yürekli.
During the visit, which started with an introduction, information was given about the work of the office. Members of the delegation also shared that they have been working against the Kurdish issue for years and that they applied to the Ministry of Justice to meet with Abdullah Ocalan, but this application was rejected. 
Then, lawyer Cengiz Yürekli informed the delegation about the absolute isolation and "incommunicado" situation in Imralı. Yürekli said: “Imralı was built after the kidnapping of Mr. Ocalan. 25 years have passed in this system, which is specifically for Mr. Ocalan. Currently, Mr. Ocalan and three more of our clients are being held in Imralı. The Imralı system has gotten worse day by day since its establishment. There are reports of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and 9 reports of the CPT regarding this situation. The situation we are in now is quite difficult for us. We haven't heard a single news for the last 3 years. That's why your visit and the suggestions you can give us are very valuable. Turkey is within the scope of European law with agreements. However, Turkey is not the only country that does not currently implement the law. Europe also does not enforce the law against the Imralı isolation. There has not been a single lawyer or family visit in the last 3 years. Phone calls, letters and correspondence are also blocked. We have no way of knowing whether the letters we sent were delivered or not. We currently do not know the concrete circumstances of our clients and the conditions under which they are being held. Although the meeting must have been held in accordance with the Mandela Rules, incommunicado has been practiced by not allowing him to meet with his lawyers and family for 3 years."
Lawyers gave the delegation members the report they prepared regarding Imralı.
The visit continued closed to the press.

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