The deputy’s microphone turned off when she spoke Kurdish on Mother Language Day

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  • 18:31 21 February 2024
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ANKARA- The microphone of DEM Party deputy Beritan Güneş, who spoke in Kurdish at the General Assembly of the Parliament on World Mother Language Day, was turned off twice, and Parliament Speaker Celal Adan emphasized "one language".

People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Merdîn Deputy Beritan Güneş Altın spoke at the General Assembly of the Parliament within the scope of February 21 World Mother Language Day. Güneş, who started her speech in Kurdish, had her microphone turned off twice. MHP deputy Parliament Speaker Celal Adan, who turned off Güneş's microphone, explained the reason for the shutdown as follows: "According to Article 3 of our Constitution,The Turkish State is an indivisible whole with its country and nation. The language is Turkish."
Güneş, whose microphone was turned off twice in a row because she was speaking Kurdish, reacted to the blocking and said: “Do you consider the celebration of World Mother Language Day as propaganda? Then, go and tell your AKP mayoral candidates; They should not come to Mardin, Diyarbakır, Urfa and make propaganda in Kurdish. Don't reveal your hypocrisy like this." Then, Güneş tried to speak once again and asked not to be interrupted. In response to this request of Adan Güneş, he replied, "But I would appreciate it if you addressed me in Turkish."
DEM Party Group Deputy Chair Sezai Temelli, who took the floor, said: “Today is International Mother Language Day and naturally everyone celebrates it in their own mother language. It is impossible to understand this intolerance. Moreover, this celebration is not contrary to any article, let alone Article 3, of the Constitution; On the contrary, it is to defend Article 10 of the Constitution. Therefore, of course, we will celebrate here in our mother languages. We will continue to celebrate this way. We also know that the official language in Turkey is Turkish and that the Parliament should carry out its work in Turkish. Yes, this is an obligation arising from the law, but this does not mean that we will not use our mother language and express this language in such celebrations. Please respect this and let's conduct this relationship respectfully, within the necessary tolerance limits."

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