Leyla Güven: Everyone should do their best before the death of prisoners

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  • 13:01 7 December 2023
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AMED - Stating that the prisoners cannot remain silent while the Imrali isolation and the deadlock of the Kurdish issue continues, DTK CoChair Leyla Güven said: "Everyone should do whatever they can before the death of prisoners are released from the prisons."
There has been no news from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held in absolute isolation in İmralı Type F High Security Closed Prison, for 33 months. While there is no positive response to the applications made by the family and lawyers, new ones are added every day to the protests initiated with the demands of ending the isolation and ensuring the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan. Most recently, political prisoners started a rotating hunger strike in more than 100 prisons on November 27.
Democratic Society Congress (DTK) CoChair Leyla Güven wrote an article in Elazığ High Security Closed Prison No. 1, where she is held captive, regarding the protest that continues on the 11th day.
The article written by Güven, who started a hunger strike with a similar demand on November 8, 2018, when he was not yet a prisoner, and continued this action for 200 days, is as follows:
The first quarter of the 21st century, we are hungry for justice, peace and conscience. Gramsci says, 'The old world is dying and the new one is having a hard time being born. Now is the time for monsters. Like every birth, the birth of the new world is difficult and painful.' The imperial powers, dictatorial regimes and fascistic monist approaches are in favor of the continuation of existing regimes and nation states. Ecologist peoples and movements that defend revolutionary, democratic, contemporary and universal values and believe in the sanctity of the people's right to self-determination are also pioneering change. Who will win? Of course, those who take their power from the people and base themselves on the people will win. One of the most tragic issues in the current unfair world order is the situation of the Kurdish people. The country of Kurdistan, one of the most ancient peoples of the Mesopotamian geography, the starting point of literature, art, philosophy, religions and science, the main source of socialization, the land of the wise, where the mother goddess culture prevails, was divided into four parts by the hegemonic powers a century ago. This division, which took place against the will of the Kurdish people, ignited the rebellions that have continued for a century. Wherever there is oppression, the solution is rebellion because rebellion is the voice of those who cannot be heard. In order to comprehend the pain of our people who were crucified in their own country and to understand the reality they are in, we need to analyze well the complex, political and crisis environment of the age and region.
The Kurdish people have learned a lot in the last century at heavy costs. We learned that the rulers can never be trusted, regardless of their country, language or religion. We now know that it is the Kurds who cause the greatest harm to the Kurds, and that all solutions will remain local unless national unity is achieved because in the last 50 years.  There is the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has created the 'gene map' of the Kurdish people in every sense and developed accurate and realistic policies from personality analysis to regional analysis. For this reason, our people celebrate April 4 as their birthday. He has been trying for a peaceful and permanent solution to the Kurdish issue on İmralı Island for the last 24 years. These sincere efforts for a solution have still not found the right interlocutor. The President of this country can sometimes put the Kurdish issue on the table and sometimes put it on the refrigerator for the survival of his own power. While the Turkish stata isolates the leader of the Kurdish People, it completely violates its own laws and displays an irresponsible attitude. These days, the president of Turkey frequently emphasizes to the Israeli Prime Minister that he will be tried in 'International criminal courts'. I think he has realized that he too will meet this sad end. In our opinion, all dictators and the murderers of Gaza children and Roboski children should be tried!
I wonder what kind of oppression remains that the Israeli state has not inflicted on the Kurdish and Palestinian people since 1948. The Turkish state has not inflicted on the Kurdish and Palestinian people since 1924. When we make a short history reading, we encounter a series of massacres that we can continue with the names Agirî(Ağrı), Zîlan, Dêrsim(Tünceli), Cizîr(Cizre), Sûr(Sur). Likewise, we see Sabra and Shatila, the 6-Day wars, the intifada and many massacres committed against the brother Palestinian people; therefore; The Kurdish and Palestinian people know this best. Those who are agitating for the Palestinian people should stop hypocrisy and fraud and try to understand the pain of the Kurdish people, who have lived together in the same geography for thousands of years. The experiences of the Kurdish people and the Palestinian people are similar. Both people are refugees in their own lands.
Kurdish prisoners have repeatedly tried to make their voices heard by the public by starving their bodies in the last 50 years. Lovers of 'free leader Abdullah Öcalan, free country' are on the road again with the hunger strike. There is no doubt that political prisoners know best that this road is a deadly road. But they also know very well that there is no life without a leader and country. Since the date when morality and conscience were replaced by the cold and soulless state of law after the natural society, all oppressed peoples who have been subjected to lawlessness have been in uninterrupted resistance, rebellion and intifada! Why did the brave sons of our people have to starve and die for their rightful and legitimate demands? Just yesterday, young bodies were taken out of dungeons in coffins so that they could apply their damned laws equally to all prisoners. Apparently it wasn't enough!
Today's cruel Geniuses want more young minds. Kemals and Hayris shed light on the September 12 fascism with their resistance. Our enthusiasts, Zülküf, Ayten, Medya, Zehra, Siraç, Mahsum and Gonca, with their self-sacrificing spirit, made a breach in the severe isolation. Millions received the message that their leader was alive and well. While the pain of our deaths was still fresh in our hearts, isolation continued from where it left off; therefore, no one should say, 'Why did you decide on this action?' We, the prisoners, have no other choice. It should be known that it was not an easy situation to starve your body and lose weight day by day. But it is not easy to live with the Kurdish People's leader, whom people accept as their leader, and his 3 friends who are with him in severe isolation conditions, without even knowing whether they are alive or not.
We are paying the price for the solution of the Kurdish issue through democratic and peaceful means. We will not stop saying that nothing can be solved in Turkey until this issue is solved, and that everything from economy to welfare, from ecology to freedoms stems from the Kurdish issue left unresolved. It takes time for those who do not compromise in their conformist lives to understand us; however, with each passing period of time, lives that are not just numbers are disappearing. For these reasons, I must state again that every day, every hour, every minute is very important during hunger strikes. The sensitivity of the society will increase the resistance of the friends in action. Maybe you didn't go to Palestine and show solidarity, but you can show this sensitivity to the Kurdish people and political prisoners. Everyone should do whatever they can before the death of prisoners are released from the prisons. Success will belong to the resisting Kurdish people."
MA / Müjdat Can

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