Women's unity is on the agenda of the Kurdistan Women's Union Platform

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  • 10:57 7 December 2023
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ŞIRNEX - Participating in the Kurdistan Women's Union Platform's visits to the Federated Kurdistan Region, Silopiya Co-Mayor Adalet Fidan said: "The unity of Women is one of the main topics discussed and we will expand our work."
A delegation from the Kurdistan Women's Union Platform held a series of contacts in the Federated Kurdistan Region last week. The delegation met with representatives of many women's organizations and institutions in Silêmaniyê. Silopiya (Silopi) Co-Mayor Adalet Fidan, who was in the delegation, stated that women's unity was on their agenda.
Fidan stated that they met with the Governor of Silêmaniyê, Şehnaz Xanim, Jinên Zehmetkêş Women's Association, socialist women's organizations, women from the Goran party and members of parliament within the scope of their visit, which lasted about a week. Fidan said: "We asked for support for the women, children, culture and art projects of our municipality, which is one of the municipalities where no trustee is appointed. They also responded very favorably to this request."
Drawing attention to the most important agenda item was the unity of Kurdish women, Fidan said: "We had discussions on how to ensure women's unity in the four parts. The increasing number of suicides in the Federated Kurdistan Region has come to the fore. There have been intense discussions about this. Again, as here, we discussed that femicide is actually carried out systematically in four parts. Assassinations of women who fight against this mentality have started in Bashur Kurdistan in recent years. These assassinations against women were talked about and discussed. Violence against women was discussed in four parts of Kurdistan. We talked about the need for women to fight against it together. We wanted to establish the Kurdish Women's Union for a common struggle. This was the main idea of the talks. Bashur women are the same. They agreed and made the same demand." 
Drawing attention that the people they met also had expectations from them, Fidan said: "We are hopeful about us. The women's movement here gave great hope to the women of Bashur. They wanted such meetings and studies to continue."
Stating that the establishment of the Kurdish Women's Union, which is frequently emphasized in the discussions, will open the door to the unity of all Kurds, Fidan said: "This was also a very important item. They have been targeting us by dividing us for years. Women living in Kurdistan need unity. If we are not organized, our struggle will not yield results." 
Stating that they will expand their work as a platform in the coming days, Fidan said: "These contacts are the continuation of the construction work of the Kurdistan Women's Union. Women from Basur also want to come here and contact women. They had made efforts for this before, but were turned away from the border gate. This work is not the first, but the last "It will not happen. It was an extensive study." 
Fidan continued as follows: "We will strengthen the unity of women in the four parts of Kurdistan with the spirit of 'jin, jiyan, azadi'. Maybe this work is not enough; however, we will expand these efforts. Our gates are open to those who want to meet with us. We will also contact women who do not agree with us because we are responsible for the freedom of every woman. We see this as our problem."
MA / Zeynep Durgut

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