Requests of Prisoners on hunger strike

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  • 13:31 5 December 2023
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AMED - Prisoners who are on hunger strike for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and the solution of the Kurdish issue said: "We will definitely win. Victory will be for those who struggle."
Political prisoners in Block A of Diyarbakır High Security Closed Prison No. 2 sent a message regarding the hunger strike actions that have been going on since November 27 within the scope of the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, solution to the Kurdish issue" campaign.
Drawing attention that PKK Leader Öcalan has been unlawfully held in a single-man prison in Imrali for nearly 25 years, the prisoners said: "He has been facing unprecedented arbitrary practices for exactly 25 years. There is no such situation in human norms and any constitutional law." 
Demanding that the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan be lifted, Prisoners said: "It should be known that Mr. Abdullah Öcalan has an effective role in the brotherhood/sisterhood of rights, especially in resolving the chaos, conflicts and crises in the Middle East and our region. Because in 2013-2015, not a single person had a nosebleed. This is the peace policies carried out by Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. It happened with his efforts; however, the forces that took advantage of the chaos and had an interest in the continuation of the war undermined this process and started the war again. The conflictual situation that has been experienced since then has caused many economic, social, political and human losses. The mentality of this conflict and war should be stopped. The aggravated isolation conditions imposed on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan should be immediately lifted, the İmralı Prison should be placed under house arrest, taking into account the situation that will affect his health problems, his most basic legal and human rights should be restored, and ultimately a new dialogue should be initiated. We want the process to start."
Stating that they went on a 10-day indefinite rotating hunger strike, the prisoners said: "If the demands we have stated are not met, our actions will continue by becoming more radicalized in the coming period. We want to prevent deaths and this conflictual process, and we invite all conscientious people and institutions to give voice to our action. We will continue our struggle together. We will achieve results by growing and we will definitely win. Victory will belong to those who struggle."

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