Justice Watch activists: End the isolation

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  • 13:13 5 December 2023
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AMED - Peace Mothers, who attended the Justice Watch in Amed, emphasized that they will continue their actions until the isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan ends.

The Justice Watch, which was initiated by the Association for Assistance with Prisoners' Families (TUAY-DER) in Rezan (Bağlar) district with the slogan "Let's break the isolation for justice, let's speak out in prisons for social peace", continues on its second day. In the action launched in support of the hunger strikes that started on November 27 in prisons, 3-day vigils will be held to lift the isolation imposed in İmralı.
Peace Mothers, who attended the Justice Watch in TUAY-DER, addressed the Ministry of Justice and called for the isolation to be lifted.
Reminding that voices are rising from all over the world for the end of the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and for his freedom, Mother of Peace Şahide Hayme said: “Hunger strikes will continue in prisons until February. The prisoners said they would continue their protests until the isolation was broken. We also want the Minister of Justice to consider this isolation situation. We kept a Justice Watch to prevent deaths and permanent diseases during the hunger strikes launched in prisons. We started a watch to lift the isolation and support the prisoners' strike. We want the isolation to be lifted as soon as possible."
Stating that they started a Justice Watch to end the isolation, Mother of Peace Emine Al said: “We support our children's decision to take action. We will not end the watch until the isolation is lifted."
Giving the message that they will continue the Justice Watch until the isolation is lifted and the protests in prisons end, Peace Mother Müşeher Ülker said: “They have been deepening this isolation for 33 months. For this reason, all the prisoners went on hunger strike. This is not acceptable. If the Minister of Justice knows the heartache, he should immediately lift the isolation on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. The pressure in all prisons should be lifted immediately."
Underlining that the prisoners on hunger strike were arrested because they were struggling for language, culture and existence, Ülker said: "If we do not support them, we will not see those who struggle for the existence of the Kurdish people. We will not protect our own existence. It is not very difficult to lift the isolation. If Abdullah Öcalan speaks, the isolation will be lifted. If he speakes, this torture will end. If the isolation is lifted, the difficulties in the country will also end. Along with the isolation, families are also subjected to torture. We want the isolation to end for an honorable peace and justice."
Stating that they started the Justice Watch to support the prisoners and to end the isolation imposed on Öcalan, Mother of Peace Meryem Soylu said: “Those who want human rights, democracy and peace as soon as possible, the Ministry of Justice should put their hands on their conscience. Nowhere in the world has a leader of a people been held in isolation. It does not exist in any law of this world. The isolation must be lifted as soon as possible and Abdullah Öcalan must be free. We want his freedom."
MA / Müjdat Can - Mehmet Güleş 

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