Kurdistan Women's Union: State policy increases violence

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  • 12:58 2 February 2023
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NEWS CENTER - Stating that male state policies increase violence against women in the region, Bashur Kurdistan Women's Union member Rêzan Şêx Dilêr said: "Courts do not give the necessary punishments to the perpetrators. This makes it easier for women to be murdered."
According to the report prepared by the Organization for Legal Solidarity with Women; In the first 6 months of 2022, 60 women were driven to suicide in the Federated Kurdistan Region. 31 out of 60 women set their bodies on fire against violence. 22 women were killed. Established in Hewlêr under the leadership of the Norwegian Women's Organization (NPA) with the motto "We exist for the development of women", the Bashur Kurdistan Women's Union continues its efforts to establish a women's organization against violence against women.
Rezan Şêx Dilêr, a member of the Bashur Kurdistan Women's Union and also a former member of the Kurdistan Patriotic Union (YNK), made evaluations about the increase in violence in the Federated Kurdistan Region and the work of the union established against violence.
Stating that the women in the region need unity the most, Dilêr said: "Our aim is to orgnize  women as an union. We strive for equality between men and women. We have held some meetings so far. We held a meeting in Halabja last year. We met in Sulaymaniyah recently and the meetings will continue."
Expressing that the massacres of women in the region have now become “ordinary”, Dilêr said: "A common voice is needed to prevent this situation. Society plays a serious role in violence and massacres against women in the Kurdistan Region. Society is more patriarchal and a male-dominated society is being created. Women are seen as the property of men. For this reason, it has become commonplace to kill women and use violence in the region. First of all, Women, men and of course the current government should be aware of violence against women. Political parties should also work on this issue. Violence should not be seen as a responsibility area of only the Kurdistan Women's Union. This is everyone's responsibility. Not only women's institutions in the region, but also the government, political parties. The programs and plans of the parties should be aimed at putting an end to femicide, violence, and especially femicides committed under the name of 'honour.' We want to convey the current warnings against femicide and similar incidents to both the political parties and the government with one voice, in the best way possible with our alliance.'
Stating that the reason for the increase in violence is government policies, Dilêr said: "The  government's policies of women cause an increase in femicides; however, one of the main programs of the government should be to reduce violence against women. First of all, political parties need to reduce it to the people, starting with themselves. The attitude of the parliament and the government towards male perpetrators. This can reduce violence against women in the region. But unfortunately, the entire society is governed by a male mind. These policies make femicides ordinary. Courts do not give the perpetrators the necessary punishments. This makes it easier for women to be murdered."
Noting that women have the power to change and that women's unity is essential for this, Dilêr continued: "No matter what happens, all women's organizations must be united. If violence has been committed against a woman, all institutions and organizations, especially women's institutions, should oppose it. We have established our unity. We have shared pains and gains. We have also established the 'Women's High Commission' within the Kurdistan Parliament. We will become stronger by meeting the costs and sufferings we inflict. We must be united and in solidarity against all forms of violence against women."

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