Abdullah Öcalan: England designed the system, Turkey executed it

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  • 14:19 28 January 2023
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NEWS CENTER - Stating that the most important part of the "Great Gladio Conspiracy" against him was being tried to be brought to life in Imrali, PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan said: "It was England who set up this system, and Turkey executed it."
The international conspiracy, which started with the expulsion of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan from Syria on October 9, 1998, and continued when he was brought to Turkey on February 15, 1999, has left its 24th year behind. Since the day he was brought to Turkey, Öcalan has been held in Imrali Type F High Security Prison under heavy isolation conditions. Öcalan described the conspiracy against him as the "biggest operation" of NATO, led by the USA, in his evaluations and books he wrote during the prison period. Öcalan also underlined that the conspiracy is one of the key steps in the realization of the Greater Middle East Project (BOP) of the USA. The US intelligence agency CIA's statement about the conspiracy, "A success in an operation against terrorism," confirmed Öcalan's assessments.
PKK Leader Öcalan, in his book "The Kurdish Question and the Democratic Nation Solution '', made extensive evaluations about the conspiracy under the title of "The Great Gladio Conspiracy". In the section in question, deeply examining the focus behind the conspiracy in the İmralı process, Öcalan said: "The most important part of the Great Gladio Conspiracy is being tried to be brought to life in Imrali. The duty of Engin Alan, who brought him to Imrali Island, and the approach of the European Union (EU) Council official who greeted him was explanatory of the conspiracy. The statements of General Leopoldo Galtieri, special adviser to President Bill Clinton, the approach of the EU Political Commissioner and the role of Special Forces Commander Engin Alan are that the conspiracy was carried out by NATO Gladio from beginning to end. Before these facts that emerged later, I had no doubt that the force that neutralized me was not the Turkish government's security forces, but I could not fully grasp the operation mechanism. The process was reflected very differently from what it actually was. The atmosphere was persistently created as if the Turkish government was suppressing and getting results. The statement of Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit is that he did not understand  why Turkey caught me and extradited me to Turkey. The statement is important evidence confirming my claim. As the developments are analyzed and clarified, my claim will be further confirmed."
Pointing out that after the conspiracy, a system was invented for him, which was behind the USA and controlled by the EU, Öcalan said: "It was England that built this system, and Turkey executed it. It is of great importance to understand the philosophical and political mentality behind the conspiracy. I frequently talk about the centuries-old basis of the conspiracy, and I explain it to me. Conspiracies of the 49s in 1959 and the 400s in 1960, the murder of Faik Bucak and the murder of Sait Kırmızıtoprak by the KDP, hundreds of conspiracies organized by the same mentality from the ideological stage of the PKK to the present can be listed at once. Those who organize conspiracies regard it as the art of masterfully orchestrated power, that is, conspiracy is the most important tool of the art of power in spirit. This art had to be carried out strictly on the basis of conspiracy for the Kurds.  A government power whose target has practices leading up to genocide does not have a tool other than a conspiracy and the mentality that guides it. What is important here is the correct recognition and definition of the forces involved in the conspiracy.” 
Pointing out that conflicting forces also met in the conspiracy, Öcalan said: "Many states from the USA to the Russian Federation, from the EU to the Arab League, from Turkey to Greece, from Kenya to Tajikistan were involved in the conspiracy. Turks and Greeks are centennial enemies to each other. What united the Turks and the Greeks? Why were such unprincipled alliances or unions of interests being formed on me? For example, England is the most experienced of these forces. It is the force that made me not do politics in Europe. As soon as I stepped into Europe, I immediately called 'persona' non grata', that is, 'persona non grata.' Therefore, there is no need to repeat it much. In short, in front of two hundred years of hegemonic calculations towards the Middle East, especially because of the Kurdistan policy (in summary, e because of the policy of 'Give Kirkuk-Mosul, destroy the Kurds in their borders') I had emerged as a serious obstacle. I was starting to become dangerous in front of all its plans and executioners."
Pointing out that the US wanted to put the BOP into action and that the developments in Kurdistan were of key importance for this, Öcalan said: "My deactivation was at least due to the conjuncture. My liquidation was in line with its global policies for those days. The struggle over Kurdistan was in terms of hegemonic calculations. The PKK's ideological and political position was in clear contradiction with hegemonic calculations; therefore, my liquidation meant clearing the way for these calculations. In the Imrali cycle, all these historical accounts were revived in my person. In order to be able to analyze the Imrali process, I needed to be conscious of the current conflicts of interest that have a long historical basis. One of the issues that should be taken into consideration in the conspiracy calculations of the hegemonic system is not to be a tool of the "divide-rule" policies regarding the region, which were masterfully planned and implemented in the last two centuries, and not to be used for the benefit of these forces, especially in the Turkish-Kurdish conflict that is aimed to deepen.
Stating that the conspiracy was not only against the Kurds but also against the Turks, Öcalan said: "The way it was delivered and the intention of those who played a role in it was to end the 'terror' and it was not a solution, but to deepen the basis of the conflict in a way that would last another century. it presented an ideal opportunity for their intentions. They would want to use this opportunity to the fullest. It was impossible to think otherwise. Because if they wanted to, they could have contributed to very positive developments in this direction; however, they were constantly dragging things into a dead end, turning the problem into a dead end instead of solving it. A typical Israeli-Palestinian Just as the Israeli-Palestinian dichotomy had served the Western hegemony in the Middle East for a century, the Turkish-Kurdish dichotomy, which was much larger, could have served its hegemonic calculations for at least another century. Already in the 19th century, the same goal was pursued in the development of many ethnic and sectarian problems in the region and leaving them unsolved. The fact of Imrali has matured my raw knowledge in this regard, but the most important problem that stood before me was to make the Turkish ruling elite understand this.”
Emphasizing that the conspiracy was directed against Turks rather than himself and the Kurds, Öcalan said: "The İmralı process was 'an ideal platform to disrupt this game'. For this, I strengthened my theoretical foundation. I developed all the philosophical and practical arguments for peace and the conditions for a political solution. I focused on the originality of the democratic political solution. These hard and patient work could break the vicious circles of the conspiracy and develop alternative solutions. I have no choice but to trust myself in this matter. In fact, the intentions of those involved in the conspiracy were different. They wanted to end the PKK and the Freedom Movement in my person. Prison practices, all approaches of the ECHR and the EU were linked to this main goal. A Kurdish Movement freed from me was aimed. It was desired to create a modern version of traditional collaborativeism, castrated, in the service of their masters. Especially the long-term studies of the USA and the EU were in this direction. They were open to alliances with the Turkish ruling elite on this basis. In short, this castration model, which British hegemonism successfully applied first in the working class movement, then in the national liberation movements and revolutionary-democratic movements, had been successful with the liberal human rights and freedoms method. They had liquidated the revolutionary leaders and organizations. The liquidation methods they had applied for hundreds of years were similar to the PKK and the revolutionary, collective freedom and equality movement. This was the main result expected from the İmralı process; This was the plan that had been worked on a lot and wanted to be masterfully implemented. Strategy and tactics were developed within the framework of this plan. The defense I developed in response to these was neither based on the classical orthodox dogmatic stance nor on rescuing myself and improving my conditions. What guided my defense was a principled, honorable way of peace and democratic solution in line with the historical and social reality of the peoples.”
MA / Özgür Paksoy
Tomorrow: 'I am the prisoner of the conspiracy, not of Turkey'

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