SDF: Service institutions are targeted in attacks

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  • 17:09 6 December 2022
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NEWS CENTER – SDF stated that Turkey attacked the Cizre, Euphrates and Afrin regions of Northern and Eastern Syria with howitzers and mortars.
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Center announced the balance sheet of the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria on the night of December 4 and December 5.
Stating that Turkey's bombardment against Northern and Eastern Syria continues, the statement said: "The bombardment targets civilians' homes and agricultural lands. Houses and service institutions were targeted in Zirgan, Shehba and Kobanê, journalists and activists will document these crimes.
The following balance sheet regarding the attacks that took place on December 4 and on December 5 was shared:

“Cizre Region
Til Leben, Gozeliyê villages of Til Temir and warehouses in Um El Kêf village were bombed with howitzers, mortars and dockas.
The villages of Bobî, Dada Ebdal and Mihermela in Zirgan were targeted 31 times with mortar shells. Our forces responded immediately to the attacks.
Euphrates Region
Kor Hesen, Bîr Kîno, Erîda and Sileybî villages of Girê Sipî were targeted 2 times with howitzers and 4 times with mortars and dockas.
The east of Ain Isa was bombarded with docke and grenade launchers.
Afrin Region
The villages of Şêx Hilal, Hirbil, Samûqa, Minix, Şêx Îsa, Kefer Naya, Bendava Shehba, Kefer Garês, Benê, Soxanekê, Aqîbe, Meyasê, Şewarxa, Malikiyê, Îrşadiyê and Til Rifet district were attacked 33 times by air cannons.
On the other hand, reconnaissance planes bombed the village of Eyn Deqnê.
Cizre Region
Warehouses in Til Temir's Um El Kêf, Til Leben, Gozeliyê, Şêx Elî villages and Um El Kêf village were targeted with howitzers and dockas.
Euphrates Region
The villages of Zormexar, Çariqlî, Koran, Xerbîsan, Cîşan, Xanê, Qeremox and the town of Şiyux in Kobanê were bombed with howitzers and mortars.
The villages of Til Xan, Dibis, Abu Sira, Kor Hesen, Seyda and Zenûbiya in Girê Spî and the M4 Highway were targeted twice with howitzers and three times with mortars.
The villages of Korheyûk and Al Kawikli in Manbij were bombed 7 times with howitzers.”

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