The using of chemical weapons leaves permenant damage on human health.

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  • 15:43 19 January 2022
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NEWS CENTER - Yadaşt Salih, a Doctor of Internal Medicine in the city of Sulaymaniyah in Federated Kurdistan, stated that the main reason for Turkey's use of chemical weapons is due to the weak policies of the regional government, and drew attention to the problems that may arise in the short and long term.
The air and ground attacks launched by Turkey on April 23, 2021 against the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region continue. Many sources confirmed that Turkey used chemical weapons in areas where it was militarily stuck. Demonstrations were carried out in many countries for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to conduct an investigation in the region. While the researches wanted to be done in the region were blocked by the KDP forces, calls were made to independent organizations in this direction.
Reminding that the use of chemical weapons causes very serious effects on human health, Doctor Salih said, "We can categorize the adverse effects of chemical weapons on people and the environment as short-range adverse effects and long-range negative effects. In the short term, chemical gases cause deterioration in human health. This will continue until it destroys every single human organ. These gases will also cause water and air pollution, destruction of nature, dozens of other adverse effects on human health in the future, and the extinction of other organisms."
Yadaşt Salih continues: "Actually, the weapons used by the former Iraqi regime against the Kurdistan Region and the Kurdish people in 1988 were used at the request of the Syrian regime and the Turkish state.These chemical gases and weapons were used on the people of Kurdistan. The main reason it is used against us is that we are not independent and do not have a strong military capability to discourage our enemies. Today we are surrounded by a group of enemies who violate all human and moral boundaries and international law to destroy us. Therefore, they can easily use chemical weapons against us whenever they want. Because the current government ignores them or shows a weak attitude towards them due to their economic and political interests. This attitude allows them to continue using chemical weapons at different times and in other places."
Emphasizing that chemical weapons cause serious damage to the ecology and the people of the region, Salih said, "The use of chemical weapons will also have negative consequences on physical health and mental health. In the long run, people have difficulty in understanding. It may cause lung disease, heart diease, high blood pressure, infertility, pschological problems, depression and suicide. Due to the adverse effects of the use of chemical weapons on nature and soil, it will bring about the end of animal husbandry."
Adding that the chemical weapons used in Halabja in 1988 still continue to affect the health of the people of the region, Salih said that the use of chemical weapons has a permanent effect on human health.
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