Women from four parts of Kurdistan: Kurds have to unite

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  • 10:45 30 November 2021
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ŞIRNAK - Pointing out to the attacks against the Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan, women said: "We have paid heavy prices in these lands. We must ensure the unity of the Kurds together."
Women living in four parts of Kurdistan emphasized that the only way to repel the attacks against Kurds goes through ensuring the unity of the Kurds. Sûad Mustafa, mother of Hevrîn Xelef, murdered by armed gangs affiliated with Turkey in North and East Syria drew attention to the importance of unity.
Sûad Mustafa, who lives in the city of Dêrik, underlined that the alliance between the Kurds is more important and prioritized than anything else, said, "The Kurds must unite and fight against the invaders and traitors. We should be able to live freely in our own country like all the peoples in the world. Today, the whole world's eyes are on the struggle of the Kurds. We all paid a heavy price in these lands. Let's ensure the unity of the Kurds together. Blood is flowing in Rojava, the Kurds don't see it? Why are they acting like blind and deaf? The attackers doesn't mind which Kurd they kill. They all say 'We are fighting the PKK'. But the first thing they did when they invaded Afrin was to demolish the statue of Forger Kawa. Was Kawa a PKK member as well? They demolished the statue of Cegerxwin. Was he also a PKK member?"
Noting that the powers in the Middle East do not want the Kurds to be united because of their personal interests, Mustafa said, "How long will the Kurds wait to be united? It is time for the Kurds and Kurdistan to unite. We must show a common attitude against the attacks. I have a call to Turkish mothers and women as well; They have to put an end to the tyranny of Erdogan. We women should be Zilan, Arîn Mîrxan, Hevrîn Xelef and Leyla Güven for the establishment of the unity of the Kurds."
Aynur Elçeoğlu, one of the women from Şırnak, stated that the attacks should be responded with unity and said, "There are very serious attacks against the Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan. First of all, we must unite against these attacks. Why are the Kurds silent? We must resist these attacks instead of grieving death. If we unite, we can solve every problem together. We must join hands and resist. They arrest us, exile us, kill us or make us a partner in their policies. They try to divide us and tear us apart. Us, women can build the alliance of the Kurds if we join hands."
Esmer Resûl Elîm from Federated Kurdistan Region emphasized that foreign powers have always interfered with the Kurdish national unity and said: "International forces have a hand in every attack against the Kurds. We demand our rights like every other people. The enemy does not want us to be united. That's why they are attacking as much as they can. But the Kurds are no longer the same. We should not act according to the demands of the enemy. Whatever our internal problems are, we must solve them together. I especially call on the Federated Kurdistan Government not to act according to the demands of foreign powers."
Zîlan Rojhilat from the Iranian city of Urmia emphasized the effect of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm on peoples and said, "People have been massacred in Kurdistan for years. However, thanks to Mr. Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy, a new power has emerged, along with a new society. Women have gained the power to lead a society. On the other hand, attacks on Kurds continue. Everyone must resist and fight against these attacks. We must fight until all Kurds are free. We must be united in order to achieve success in the freedom struggle. Kurdistan needs unity more than ever.”
MA / Zeynep Durgut

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