'Demand of Baybars on death fast must be met'

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  • 15:35 14 October 2021
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ADANA - İHD Prisons Commission Spokesperson İlhan Öngör said that the demand of Abdülkadir Baybars, who has been on a death fast since September 23, is legitimate and should be met because he is held in a solitary confinement against all conventions in Adana Kürkçüler F Type Closed Prison.
Human Rights Association (İHD) Prisons Commission Spokesperson, Attorney İlhan Öngör, drew attention to the violations of rights in prisons. Emphasizing that ill-treatment has increased in prisons for the last week, Attorney Öngör said, "There are cases of assault and ill-treatment in the Urfa Type T, Bakırköy Women's Prison, Adana Kürkçüler and many other prisons. We think that this is a central decision, as these ward changes in prisons are not limited to just a few prisons.”
Noting that routine searches in prisons are becoming more frequent, Öngör stated that in Adana Kürkçüler Type F Closed Prison, it was determined that the detainees did were not allowed to carry out any social and cultural activities, the requested books, magazines and newspapers were not given to their parties, the right to chat between the wards was prohibited for a long time, and the right to open family visits was blocked on the grounds of the pandemic.
Reminding that Abdülkadir Baybars, who had a piece of shrapnel in his body was kept in solitary confinement, has been on a death fast since September 23,  Öngör said: "Abdulkadir Baybars, who has been imprisoned in Adana Kürkçüler F Type Prison, has been in detention for more than 3.5 years. Prisoner Abdulkadir Baybars has been kept in a solitary confinement for about 3 years and 4 months. Despite all legal initiatives and applications to the Ministry of Justice, his demands were rejected by the Ministry and the judicial authorities and he continued to remain in solitary confinement. He started a 'death fast' in which he lost 10 kilograms so far. He drinks only 1 glass of water per day and his health is getting worse. The only demand of Baybars is to be taken from solitary confinement and stay in the same ward with the other prisoners. This demand is complied with the law and domestic legislation. It is an appropriate request.  The reason for this treatment is not disclosed. In the current situation, this illegality has reached the level of torture and ill-treatment. We call on the public and the authorities to be prudent against the death fast that Baybars started against this unlawful treatment."

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