Erdogan turned his route back to Northern and Eastern Syria

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  • 15:34 14 October 2021
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HABER MERKEZİ - After Erdogan's Sochi meeting, which was collapsing in domestic and foreign politics, successive operation signals were given against Northern and Eastern Syria. Turkey, which seeks support from the USA and Russia, targets Til Rifat and Manbij.
After the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the USA and Russia, the signals of a new operation against Northern and Eastern Syria were given. Similar messages started to come from the authorities before the operation against Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. Developments in line with the words of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) President Hakan Fidan, "It's easy to create tension, we'll throw a few mortars from Syria's side," took place one after another. On October 8, two separate bomb attacks in Jarablus left 2 people dead and 15 injured. Special operations police Cihat Şahin and Fatih Doğan were killed and 2 special operations policemen were injured in the attack on an armored vehicle in Ezaz on 9 October. On October 11, 4 people lost their lives in a car bomb attack in Afrin.
The Ministry of Interior claimed that the attacks were carried out from Til Rifat and by the YPG. After the cabinet meeting held on October 11, Erdoğan said: “We have no patience for terrorist attacks from Syria against Turkey. We are determined to eliminate the threats emanating from these areas either together with the forces active there or by our own means. Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu also said in a statement yesterday, “We have started to see such attacks recently. Russia would clear Tel Rifat and Manbij. These promises were not kept. Therefore, Russia and the USA are also responsible for the latest attacks, they did not keep their word. Now that these terrorists are here, what we have to do is cut our own belly. “We will do whatever it takes to clean it up.”
While such messages are being given by Turkey for a new operation, one wonders what the attitude of the USA and Russia will be in the field. On October 7, the US President Joe Biden made a statement regarding Turkey's situation in Syria. Biden said, "Turkey's operations in Syria are disrupting our fight against ISIS," and the United States decided to extend the State of Emergency in Syria. Syria was also on the main agenda of the critical meeting between Erdogan and Putin held in Sochi on September 28. Putin brought Idlib to the table, and Erdogan brought Northern and Eastern Syria. Russia, which wants to put an end to the situation in Idlib, conveyed to the authorities the withdrawal of Turkey and its affiliated groups from there. Turkey, which has not fulfilled this requirement until today, requested Til Rifat and Manbij in return for Idlib in the last meeting. Stuck in domestic and foreign politics and trying every way to save his power, it will be clear on the field in the coming days whether he gets what he wants in Sochi.
Ferda Çetin, the writer of Yeni Özür Policy Newspaper, wrote about this issue in her column today. In his article titled "Preparations are being made for a new invasion," Çetin said, "Will the US and Russia remain silent in a possible invasion attack, this time like the previous invasion? Will Syrian airspace be opened once again to the Turkey/ISIS alliance, which has repeatedly been defeated in the ground war against YPG/YPJ and SDF forces? asked.
Saying that "Tayyip Erdogan and the TAF/ISIS alliance can carry out a new invasion after securing this possibility," Çetin continued in his article: "The truth and it seems that when the invasion in Southern Kurdistan did not turn out as they wanted, they turned their route to Rojava again, and the target The place looks Til Rifat. The fact that many generals have requested retirement recently, some of them resigned from the Turkish Armed Forces, their names and numbers are persistently hidden, are related to the difference of opinion on the new invasion attack on Syrian territory.
Emphasizing that Erdoğan is preparing for a new war, Ferda Çetin used the following expressions about Erdoğan: “If such an invasion takes place, what will be the consequences and the cost to Turkey? Erdogan doesn't care about this issue. This man, who was promoted from an ordinary civil servant to a dictator in the palace, is aware of the reactions against him and his party, and the upside down trend revealed in the election polls. He knows very well that he cannot come to power with a normal election. He thinks that the only way to prevent this fall and save himself and his family will be a 'military victory' somewhere."

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