Z.N, raped at the removal center, transferred to guest house

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  • 10:43 28 November 2020
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VAN - Iranian Z.N., who was raped by two security guards and an unidentified person at the Van Kurubaş Removal Center (GGM), was taken from the GGM and placed in the guesthouse after 4 months.

Security officers at the Kurubaş Removal Center (GGM) of Van Provincial Immigration Administration in Edremit district of Van, and an unidentified person raped an Iranian woman Z.N.  As a result of the incident that was brought to public knowladge by the news published by Mesopotamia Agency (MA), the security guards İ.H.K abd Y.V were brought before the judge on November 26, with the accusation of 'qualified sexual assault'. It was revealed that Z.N was held in the GGM she was raped in, for 4 months.  
The court decided that Z.N was removed from the GGM and a warrant to be issued by the Van Family Court to take necessary measures.The court also decided that Z.N.'s statement was taken 3 days after the incident and that a criminal complaint be filed to the prosecutor's office for "abuse of office" about the authorized persons and the third person who could not be identified yet.
After the court's decision, it was learned that Z.N. was placed in the Women's Guest House affiliated to the Van Governorate.
Stating that they went to Van Governorship Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center to meet with their clients together with lawyer Mahmut Kaçan, member of the Board of Directors Responsible for the Van Bar Association Migration and Asylum Commission upon learning the transfer news, Lawyer Ebru Demirtepe said: “We have been informed that the client is in the governorship building. We wrote a petition and demanded to see our client with our own translator alone in line with the principle of confidentiality. But they told us we can not see our client alone and an officer has to be with us in the room.Although we insistently stated that we do not accept this attitude, that the attorney-client interviews are conducted confidentially and that there is an open provision in the criminal procedure law, the officers in the institution stated that they would not let us meet alone. We asked that we could not have such a meeting with the client, that our petition be processed and the reason for refusal be written. However, our petition was not processed in any way contrary to the law. We made a report against the situation by keeping a report. The police officers who met with the institution officer informed us that our petition was not received on the grounds that our client did not want to meet with us. We think these statements do not reflect the facts."
Demirtepe pointed out that the institutions that did not provide the client's security in a timely manner prevent them from meeting alone with their lawyers on the grounds of "security" and underlined that they will be following the case closely. 
MA / Müjdat Can 

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