HDP announces the schedule of "Democracy Meetings"


ANKARA - Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will meet with all segments of the society via "Democracy Meetings" discussing various problems in Turkey including severance pay, ecological destruction, human rights violations in prison, conflicts and military operations

As part of its "Democratic Struggle Programme" Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) announced the schedule of the "Democracy Meetings". As the first stage of this programme, HDP held a march from the Kurdish-majority Hakkari province and northwestern Edirne province to the capital city of Ankara, led by its Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar. Through the "Democracy Mettings" which are the second stage of the programme, HDP aims to come together with different segments of the society.
Having the "Democracy Meeting" started at the Turkish Parliament on July 7, HDP will meet with the representatives of the defense who have been struggling against the "multiple law" bill which still constitute a hot debate with the ongoing negotiations at the parliament.
Press statements are planned to be held in front of Diyarbakır Prison and Ankara Ulucanlar Prison Museum, both symbolic places in the struggle for human rights in Turkey, with the slogan of "We come together for law and human rights" on 14 July. Human rights defenders and families of prisoners will participate in both press statements to draw attention to the current problems of prisons, injustice in the execution system, the condition of ill prisoners and lawyers on death fast.
In the 1980s and 1990s, Diyarbakır Prison was known as a notorious torture site, and the hardships that Kurdish activists underwent there are known to lay the ground for the Kurdish resistance. Ulucanlar Prison, built in 1925 and used for 81 years was known with the political prisoners including poets, journalists, politicians as the museum tells the story about a very dark page in the history of modern Turkey.
Another important emphasize of the meetings will be on the problems of the agricultural workers. In this context, various activities will be held in Urfa, where a dense population of seasonal workers inhabit. Through the "Labor Meeting with Seasonal Agricultural Workers" HDP aims to create a network with the labour organizations in the region. 
One of the important meetings will be held on July 17 in Diyarbakır to draw attention to civilian deaths experiences as a result of cross-border operations launched by Turkey and to raise the voice of the "peace" demand as one of the basic demands of Kurdish people in Turkey. In the statement after the meeting the demand of democratic solution for the Kurdish question will be raised. The meeting is expected to involve Kurdistani parties and democracy forces.
There will be another meeting on July 17, but this meeting will be held in İstanbul with the theme of "Severance Pay and Unemployment" focusing on the workers' rights and the increasing poverty. Unions and professional organizations as well as workers' associations will take the stage.
With the theme of “We come together for the freedom of people and beliefs” a meeting will be held in Hatay on July 18, and representatives of different religious groups will also take part in the event. 
On 20 July, the anniversary of the Suruç Massacre, a sit-in will take place in Istanbul with Suruç families.
More than 100,000 civil servants have been removed from their jobs since the coup attempt on July 15, 2016 with statutory decrees (KHK, as known in Turkish). HDP will come together with the people who were dismissed by KHKs on the 4th year after the coup attempt, on July 20. In this context, HDP will organize a “Democracy and Justice Meeting” in Ankara.
Following this meeting, HDP will hold a "Meeting of Intellectuals" in Istanbul on July 21 where academicians, writers and artists will come together to share their ideas and suggestions
Z-Generation will be welcomed by HDP as the party will organize a meeting in İstanbul on the 22th of July with the young citizens of Turkey who have a lot to say.
An Ecology meeting with a broad participation will be held in Istanbul, to discuss the controversial "Kanal Istanbul" project the same time and to share ideas in order to raise the struggle against ecological destruction. 
The last stop of the democracy meetings will be İzmir on 26 July. 
HDP will organize an open-air meeting with the theme of “We come together for democracy" and "Democracy Stage" will be set for the various non-governmental organizations, unions, political parties and democratic movements to express themselves.
After various demonstrations, events and meetings in August HDP aims to organize a massive rally on September 1, World Peace Day.
MA / Berivan Altan

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