Oluç addressed the opposition: Is it so hard to say 'Öcalan can see his attorneys?'


ANKARA - HDP Group Deputy Chairperson Saruhan Oluç, addressing the opposition regarding the removal of the isolation, said: "Is it so hard for you to say that 'Öcalan can see his attorneys, the laws must be applied?"

People's Democratic Party (HDP) Group Deputy Chairperson Saruhan Oluç made assessments regarding the agenda in the parliament. 
Oluç started his speech by commemorating the 301 miners who were killed in Soma Massacre.
Oluç drew attention to the ongoing hunger strike action demanding the termination of the isolation in İmralı. Oluç who reminded that Democratic Society Congress Co-chair and HDP Hakkari Deputy Leyla Güven is on the 187th day of her hunger strike. Oluç stated that the hunger strikers are in critical condition and asked the authorities 'Why are you waiting? What is it you are waiting for. All you need to do is to apply the existing law. You see that attorneys visiting Mr. Öcalan on May 2 did not solve anything. Why aren't you taking a step to fix this?"
While Oluç addressed the Ministry of Justice for making the law available for the prisoners in İmralı, he addressed the opposition, saying: "We want to ask to Iyi Party and CHP. Is it so hard for you to say that 'Öcalan should be able to see his attorneys, the law must be applied'. Even the MHP President Bahçeli said he should be able to see his attorneys. You are the opposition. When will you  end your double standards on law and democracy?"