16:04 actual
He was tortured for 6 hours in vacancy
15:04 actual
From Oluç to Erdoğan who says authonomy in Moldova: Wish he supports it in Turkey
14:17 editor's pick
Ayşe Teacher's appeal for stay is accepted
13:36 editor's pick
8 years 3 months jail time for Van Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Co-chair Kaya
13:15 actual
No releases in Nusaybin case: A witness identified 343 people in a day!
13:00 actual
A headman was arrested in Birecik
11:44 actual
Papers have came to light: Valuable lands were undersold to AKP admisintrators
11:03 actual
Peace Mother Medine Kaymaz is under custody
11:01 world
The sound of hope echoes through Rakka streets
15:59 actual
Arrested journalist Evren: They want to silence the journalist first
15:39 politics
Kaya from CHP: It is not just to discharge headmen
15:09 women
Refugee woman who survived the accident: My husband and 2 children are missing
14:26 actual
The images of the children subjected to torture are erased!
13:50 actual
HDP Headquarter's employee was tried to be kidnapped
13:49 actual
The villagers described the 8 day long curfew
11:57 actual
There are 707 people in the morgues, and the cemetery of the nameless
11:56 culture
The books that go out but can't get in
11:55 actual
Why was the governer's building renovated knowing it will be pulled down?
15:02 actual
Journalist Akgül havent been given any pens or pencils
14:49 politics
Temelli: We will shake off the trustees with the most appropriate candidates
14:21 actual
Kati Piri visited the Demirtaş Family
13:41 actual
Implementation changes according to the warden
13:40 culture
Ankara Accessible Film Festival is kicking off
10:49 actual
‘Its a matter of time to go into combat in Idlib’
10:41 economy-labor
Over a thousand arrangements of bankrupcy : Labourers are the victims again
16:40 politics
Buldan: HDP in an immense sea of people
16:39 politics
AP rapporteur Piri have visited HDP
15:36 actual
They are being kept at the airport
15:21 actual
UN is calling for Kaşıkçı: The legistative immunities should be lift
14:51 actual
The woman who survived from the sinking ship: I lost my 5 children and my husband
14:33 economy-labor
'6 Million people unemployed in Turkey'
14:12 actual
People's Houses Executives detained
14:12 actual
The city that walks from darkness to light : Rakka
11:32 actual
Handcuffed torture in Ceyhan Prison: I couldn't recognize my son
16:20 actual
Öcalan statement from Temelli : Ideas can not be isolated
15:06 world
Syria warned about Idlib: We can not stay silent
14:52 economy-labor
HDP asked about the working accidents
14:44 economy-labor
The budget have a 6 billion liras of depicit
14:43 actual
Ministry of Interrior: 259 Local authorities has been discharged
13:30 politics
Kürkçü: Local elections are not a matter of power it is a matter of honour
13:30 ecology
Direcor Ergül: Hasankeyf and Dicle valley can be saved
12:51 actual
Peköz: If Turkey insists on Mimbic, the war will move on to El Bab
12:51 actual
President of Amedspor: We will make a denunciation
12:50 actual
CİSST: Prisoners are taking turns serving time
15:53 politics
HDP’s commentation of Brunson : This is unexplainable
15:51 politics
Temelli: The struggle will continue until Öcalan is free
15:24 analysis
Last 48 hours in Idlib, are the ones holding their grounds being executed?
15:22 editor's pick
Diyarbakır: 141 custody; 25 arrests, 115 released
15:17 politics
Saturday Mothers who’re once again precluded by the police: We just want justice
12:03 actual
So many violations in Kayseri Prison, but noone listens