18:41 editor's pick
Prison sentences for Tuncel and Kışanak overturned
13:30 actual
Prisoners protests the pressures in Kürkçüler Prison
13:30 actual
İmralı application of the families rejected by court
13:29 actual
Families applied to visit İmralı
13:28 actual
Faik Bulut evaluating the 'Claw Operation':A policy that has not been successful for 200 years can not be successful now
10:55 actual
Police who ran over Tektekin with an armoured vehicle recieved a sentence that feels like a reward
10:54 actual
Demirel and Mavioğlu sentenced to 4 years and 6 months
10:54 actual
Turkish jets bomb Maxmur: 2 civillians injured
14:49 actual
Attorneys applied to visit İmralı
14:47 actual
The Supreme Court asked for acquittal in Cumhuriyet newspaper case
14:32 editor's pick
Journalist Evren: I not only want my release, I want my acquittal
14:31 actual
Prosecution requests prison sentence for Kaftancıoğlu
12:05 actual
Gezi trial starts with attorney' pleads
12:04 actual
Police shot plastic bullets at HDP teenager
12:03 actual
The Presidency of the Parliament found the expression ‘Kurdish cities‘ ‘rude and hurtful’
10:41 actual
Armenian politician Akhoyan: Hate language should be abandoned
20:54 actual
In the case of Özgür Gündem, Fincancı, Önderoğlu and Nesin were acquitted
17:26 actual
Human Rights Association: Our struggle will continue
16:29 actual
Decision announced in the Dink case
16:26 actual
Turkey Consulate employees attacked in Hewler
14:47 actual
Prisoners in Tekirdag Prison not receiving medical attention
14:47 actual
Penalty demand for 7 in Özgür Gündem case
14:46 actual
President’s office admits “KCK cases” were a setup
11:06 actual
EU takes restrictive measures against Turkey over Cyprus drilling
11:05 actual
HDP Kağızman district co-chair taken into custody
11:04 actual
Lebanese researcher: Turkey is at the end of the road
15:43 actual
Acar Family required to give blood for DNA test to confirm identity
15:15 actual
Unemployment keeps increasing
15:15 actual
HDK: Meetings with Öcalan made the society breathe, but the government continues the isolation
13:17 actual
Actor Orhan Aydın was released
13:16 actual
Attorneys applied to visit İmralı again
13:16 actual
Journalist Kanbal: I was taken into custody with the decision of those who gave instructions from above
13:15 actual
If the gates to İmralı are kept close, chaos will deepen in the country
10:41 actual
Silopi Thermal Power Plant emits poison: 511 deaths, 11 thousand disabled citizens in the last 3 years
09:44 actual
'Claw operation' analysis from SETA: TSK must settle in Federated Kurdistan
09:34 actual
Artist Orhan Aydın taken under custody
16:13 actual
SETA targets the Kurds living in Europe
14:02 actual
Güven tabled the violations against the hunger strikers in the parliament
14:01 actual
Five provinces in Hakkari declared "Security Zones" for 15 days
14:01 actual
Detention period extended for co-mayor of Karayazı and 10 others
12:12 actual
Solitary Confinement to Kotan who is 42 kilos after the hunger strikes
12:11 actual
'Sur decision of UNESCO is a late decision'
13:24 actual
‘Democratic solution against war’ rally in Diyarbakır from HDP
13:24 actual
Weekend for Hasankeyf
13:23 actual
Human Rights in Turkey discussed at UN
13:23 actual
US - NATO - Turkey: Tension grows as first S-400 parts arrive
16:41 actual
The call to the "great leap" that will be done in Hasankeyf
16:40 actual
Journalists, writers, lawyers and activists' reaction to the arrest of Aykol
13:17 actual
İmralı application of the families rejected by court
13:15 actual
HDP delegation went to Lice