14:48 actual
HDP demands parliamentary inquiry regarding the refugees
12:02 editor's pick
773rd application of the attorneys to visit İmralı
12:00 editor's pick
Gültan Kışanak started a hunger strike: We can not stay silent
11:35 actual
White House: Trump did not confirm the address of Gülen
11:34 actual
Prosecutor interpreted the call to party building as 'People's Court'
11:33 actual
Aydeniz from HDP: War propaganda in local elections
15:53 actual
Was İvrendi operated unanesthetized?
15:08 actual
Discharged teacher: How can one respond that badly to good intentions?
14:22 actual
'We are waiting for the reports of the chemical used on December 19'
14:20 actual
Husband of Mother Taybet whose body left on the street for a week: I wish the bullet had touched my heart
10:57 actual
She's 110 years old, has 5 children, 30 grand children and no registration
10:56 actual
'Women are expected to be emotional supports through the crisis'
10:19 actual
36 thousand Syrians votes on March 31 local elections
15:25 actual
Arrested fort he letters came from the prison
14:59 actual
Hunger strikes are a matter of conscience
14:48 actual
We will not give up our search for justice
14:47 actual
DİSK Basın- İş: Yellow Press Card is not a licence for journalism
11:21 actual
Diplomatic note from Iraq to Turkey
16:51 actual
Historical Ten-Eyed Bridge closed to citizens for visitation
14:55 actual
PACE Parliamentarian Edurne: What happens in İmralı is a first degree violation of human rights
14:54 actual
'We will not be silenced, We will be in Diyarbakır on December 16th!'
13:42 actual
'Kürdistan' intolareance in budget meetings
13:01 actual
Dam gates broke off, residents of Dicle Valley left their homes
12:00 actual
'How shall we forget what this tree can't forget'
11:29 actual
Threat from the prison administrator: 'You haven't seen September 12 yet!'
10:46 actual
Journalist Parlak imprisoned since 8 months due to repetitive investigation
15:27 actual
Önlü: " It is a crime to kill animals in the pretence of 'Hunting'"
15:27 actual
Öz who lost her son in Çorlu Train Accident: Get up from that seat!
15:26 actual
772nd application of the attorneys to visit İmralı
15:25 actual
CTU President Bektaş: There would't be an accident if there were a signal system
13:56 actual
87 years old English activist starts a hunger strike supporting Leyla Güven
13:55 actual
Taken under custody barefoot
11:34 actual
Draws attention to the 300 murdered women
11:29 actual
Curfew in 3 counties
11:28 actual
İZBAN workers: Strike is the employer's choice, not ours
10:28 actual
AKP candidate taken under custody for corruption
15:49 politics
Erdoğan: Cross-border operation to the east of Fırat starts
15:44 actual
HDP Executive resisting strip search battered
15:16 actual
50 more HDP members in hunger strike
15:15 actual
Message to Öcalan from hunger stiker prisoners in Mardin
15:15 actual
Police blockage to Demirtaş hearing
13:36 actual
More than 600 in hunger strike from 117 prisons
13:35 actual
95 detained in 10 days: Police terrorizes people with unlimited authority
11:21 actual
Killed for disobeying stop warning
09:56 actual
Mother of four not being operated on grounds of not having an ID card
15:10 actual
Kurdish courses draw intense interest: Our language is the reason we exist
15:03 actual
Prison sentence for Journalisy Adnan Bilen
14:35 actual
771st application of the attorneys to visit İmralı
14:34 actual
JinNews Editor in Chief on trial: Our news are not a crime!
13:33 politics
'State of Emergency Process Review Commission commits crime!'