17:08 actual
Buldan: The history is witnessing a 101 day resistance
Temelli: Turkey is in a multiple crisis
17:07 actual
QSD will make a statement regarding Derazor
11:45 actual
The protest is over, the blockade stayed
11:45 actual
ECHR's life sentence verdict: It is torture
10:54 actual
Compensation to peasants Soylu accused of being 'hosts to terror'
10:35 actual
Prisoner who is on a hunger strike for 63 days: There is no other way then resistance and victory
10:02 actual
Association of Commission Merchants: How can we undersell what we pay a premium for
09:42 actual
'We will keep resisting with our bodies'
15:28 editor's pick
Leyla Güven: What keeps me alive is the resistance in the prisons lead by women
14:33 actual
'My mother will live and we will speak only of courage'
14:32 actual
The HDP deputies approaching Güven's home are expected to make a statement
12:10 actual
Families applied to Visit İmralı
12:09 actual
Police block to the deputies who reach Diyarbakır
12:09 actual
The hunger strike of Leyla Güven on its 100th day
10:55 actual
Öcalan assessment of the English unionist: No different than Mandela
10:22 actual
DBP: Middle East peace is imprisoned and isolated
14:01 actual
TRT deleted the Demirtaş election propaganda video from YouTube
14:00 actual
Police intercepted HDP Deputies threatening them
13:06 actual
Güven statement from Kurdish Authors Initiative: Tomorrow may be too late
13:05 actual
İceland former Minister of Interrior and Justice: A private law practiced for Öcalan
11:39 actual
Ubiç on hunger strike: We have to form a strong circle
11:38 actual
Sister of hunger striker Koç: We should do something before its too late
10:56 actual
The neighborhood representatives of the demolished neighborhood Sur get through to the voters by phone
15:56 actual
Video message from Leyla Güven to HDP Group Meeting: I believe the resistance will end successfully
14:59 editor's pick
HDP executives who revealed the shifted voters taken under custody
14:51 actual
789th application from attorneys to visit İmralı
14:50 actual
Police raid to Kurdish institutions in Germany
14:50 actual
Obstruction to the families of the hunger strikers to go to the parliament
14:17 actual
The objection made on Tunç case was denied
11:43 actual
Selma Irmak's Mother: Let us make them hear the voices of our hunger strike children
11:42 actual
Hunger striker from Strasburg: The most important task is on the shoulders of society
11:08 actual
Nasır Yağız who is on a hunger strike for 84 days: The resistance in İmralı keeps me alive
11:07 actual
Syrian Family: We work 12 hours for 48 Liras
16:43 actual
The election enthusiasm grows in HDP
16:43 actual
The village mosque assigned to the TSK was converted into a military base
13:29 actual
HDP deputies march to Galatasaray
13:25 actual
The assault against HDP Election Office brought to the Parliament
13:24 actual
Police blockade to to HDP rally in Taksim
11:35 actual
Soçi visiting Ankara before Soçi Summit
11:35 actual
The municipality was filled with the relatives of AKP members!
10:45 actual
Mother who lost her son in a hunger strike: We don't want no other deaths
13:51 actual
HDP Women have declared their Election declaration: We will making it real by building together
13:22 actual
Applications for the Metin Göktepe Journalism Awards have started
13:22 actual
The issue of deleted voter records in Hasankeyf was brought to YSK
11:49 actual
Letter from prison to Leyla Güven: Your stand grew our determination
11:06 actual
Kaya on hunger strike: We are ready for paying any price until the isolation ends
10:55 actual
Üzman who's on a hunger strike for 57 days: We will win no matter what
13:51 actual
UN Delegation who visited Antep District Organization asked about Leyla Güven
13:24 actual
Tanrıkulu from CHP tabled a thousand parliamentary questions in one day
13:24 actual
Message from prisoner on hunger strike: It is not the time to be silent