15:35 actual
Turkish armored vehicle kills 22-year-old in Dersim
15:11 actual
Demirtaş's lawyers calls on to the Ministry of Justice and HSK for investigation
15:10 actual
3 detained in Suruç
12:41 actual
Justice system and Human Rights in Turkey discussed at UN
11:46 actual
'Thieves inspecting documents broke in the HDP building!'
11:39 actual
HDP moves Democracy Watches to İstanbul and İzmir
11:08 actual
Corbyn said Labour party will decide stance on Brexit
11:07 actual
A decision is expected in Journalist Kibriye Evren case
10:34 actual
Journalists calls for solidarity for Ataman's hearing
10:33 actual
Families of 365 people killed by the police, launches sit in in front of AKP
13:58 actual
Mothers of Military School students in front of AKP blockaded by the police again
13:46 actual
Erdoğan's statement on Demirtaş's arrest: We can't release them
11:00 editor's pick
Verdict of Arrest for Imprisoned Former HDP Co-Chairs Yüksekdağ and Demirtaş
10:46 actual
Thousands joined the Climate Strike in İstanbul
10:34 editor's pick
Musa Anter commemorated in 27th year of his murder
10:33 actual
Request for arrest against HDP former co-chairs in jail
10:33 actual
Global climate strike has begun
15:56 actual
Imralı application of the families rejected
15:53 actual
More detentions in front of AKP
15:41 actual
Güven speaks in Cizre: We will either win by making alliances or the dirty games continue
13:28 actual
Democracy Watch in Nusaybin: The problems of this country will not end until Kurdish problem is solved
13:09 actual
HDP Women's Assembly calls for 'solution' for mothers
12:37 actual
Demonstrations Banned in Muş for 15 Days
11:51 actual
Court: Freedom of the press is under constitutional protection but its restriction is in the category of state protection
11:22 actual
Police in Cizre ask families to go protest HDP, promising employement
11:21 actual
'He will continue the hunger strike if his demands are not met'
10:02 actual
Mother who couldn't bury her daugther speaks: They didn't even let me touch her
13:36 actual
Şenoğlu: The conspiricy in Kulp will not work
12:53 actual
HDP co-chair Temelli in Strasbourg: The search for justice goes o
12:09 actual
Sarısaç reminds AKP of dictator Ceauşescu
11:57 actual
Volunteer reporter campaign from JINNEWS: Let's raise our voice together
10:21 actual
Women from 23 countries express solidarity to the HDP
16:12 actual
'We went there for peace and got dragged into custody'
13:51 actual
The prisoner speaking in Kurdish to the officer in charge deemed inappropriate
13:51 actual
'Trustee' blocade to HDP Cizre building
13:32 actual
Demos in front of AKP buildings spreads
12:06 actual
ECHR hearing of Demirtaş: Defense will be made, decision will be announced later
12:01 actual
Mother who was prevented from taking action in front of AKP: Where should we go?
11:00 actual
Criminal complaint about the 18 rappers performing the rap song 'I cant stay silent'
10:59 actual
Trustee appointed to Karayazı Municipality
10:58 actual
Kubilay: Families should not allow their suffering to be abused
10:01 actual
European Parliament to address issue of seized HDP-run cities
09:59 actual
UN panel on ISIS: International forces should take responsibility
09:58 actual
Forbidden to protest against the trustees in Hakkari
16:57 actual
HDP MP Maçin's advisor taken under custody
16:43 actual
10 months prison sentence to Sur Municipality Co-Mayor
14:50 actual
Karayazı Co-Mayor Melike Göksü arrested
14:33 actual
Police blockade to Kulp Municipality
14:21 actual
HDP co-chair Temelli met with Kurds in Strasbourg
12:41 actual
3 of the mothers in front of AKP detained