Mass march on Mother Language Day in Wan

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  • 20:55 19 February 2024
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WAN - 24 institutions gathered in Wan organized a march on "21 February World Mother Language Day" and said: "Our language is our honour".
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) made a press statement in front of Aydın Perihan Business Center regarding the "21 February World Mother Language Day" with 24 institutions led by Wan Provincial Organization and marched in front of the Language Culture and Art Research Center (ARSISA) building. In the statement, the crowd frequently chanted the slogan "Zimane me rumate me ye (Our language is our honor)” and the banners saying, "Bila zimane Kûrdi bibe zimane fermi û perwerdehiyê (Let Kurdish be the language of education and official language)” "Kurd, Kurdî, Kurdistan" unfurled.
Speaking in the statement, DEM Party Language and Culture Commission Co-Spokesperson Heval Dilbihar stated that many languages are currently suffering from assimilation and emphasized that one of these languages is Kurdish. Dilbihar said: "February 21 is celebrated as World Mother Language Day. The equality of all languages was declared. But unfortunately, there are still many languages today, their status and future are uncertain; It is under threat of assimilating and disappearing. Today, there are languages such as Syriac, Laz language, Bosnian, Hemşini, Circassian, Armenian, Romanian and Arabic in Anatolia. One of the languages that are about to disappear and become extinct is the Kurdish language of tens of millions of Kurds. It must be well known that the Kurdish language is the oldest and richest language of humanity.”
Underlining that the Kurdish language is the existence, identity and foundation of the Kurds, Dilbihar said: “The Kurdish language is the soul, mind and body of the Kurds. The Kurdish language is the backbone of the unity of the Kurdish nation. Without language, there are no Kurds and Kurdistan. Kurds and Kurdistan are one and cannot be separated. One cannot exist without the other. The freedom of the Kurdish language is also the freedom of the Kurds and Kurdistan. This 50-year freedom struggle of the Kurds has shown and reminded this truth. Kurds continue their struggle to protect, revitalize and develop their language. On the other hand, today, the dominant powers are still trying to surround and limit the Kurdish language by using and updating modernized methods and tools. But it must be well known that the Kurdish language and the struggle for it is a strategic issue and our red line for us Kurds. The Kurdish language has the same fundamental rights as English, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and all other languages. This is by no means an indisputable fact. Then; Millions of Kurds and all Kurd movements, parties, institutions, organizations and circles must unite for the freedom of their language."
Stating that they will continue their struggle until Kurdish is accepted as the official language, Dilbihar listed their demands as follows:
“*We want the Kurdish language in every field and we are fighting for it. And this struggle will continue from now on.
  *Of course, our demands and goals for Kurdish are very clear:
  *The Kurdish language must have an official and international status
  *Must be officially accepted by constitutional and international laws.
  *Kurdish must be the language of education
*Kurdish language must be used in places such as parliament, governorship, municipality, court and hospital.
  *The Kurdish Language Institute must be officially established and operated by representatives of the Kurdish people.
  *If there are opportunities for Turkish, there must also be opportunities for Kurdish.”
After the statement, the crowd went in front of the ARSISA building and ended their protest, accompanied by slogans.

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