DEM Party Youth Assembly sent letters to Imralı

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  • 23:07 4 February 2024
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ISTANBUL – The "1000 letters to İImralı" campaign was held under the leadership of the DEM Party Youth Assembly.
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Assembly held the "1000 letters to Imralı" campaign at DEM Party Esenyurt District Organization within the scope of the "Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, solution to the Kurdish issue" campaign. The event, in which many young people participated, started with a moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy and freedom. Slogans such as "Salam salam, a thousand salutes to Imralı", "Bijî Serok Apo (Long live Leader Apo)" and "Bijî berxwedana zindanan(Long live resistance of dungeons) " were frequently shouted at the event.
At the event where a video was shown, Koma Hevra sang its lines, and the DEM Party Youth Assembly staged the theatre. Following the events, letters were written to be sent to Imralı Type F Closed High Security Prison, where PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan is held. Young people wrote their feelings and thoughts in letters to PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and sent the letters.