Multi-lingual proposals from HDP Deputies in the parliement: Judicial status should be given

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  • 15:33 21 February 2020
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ANKARA- Regarding the World Mother Language Day, HDP deputies offered a large number of Kurdish, Syriac and Arabic proposals and research proposals in the parliement and demanded legal status for Kurdish language.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputies offered large number of proposal in Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac due to the February 21- Mother Language Day. Some HDP deputies also submitted a law proposal for the establishment of a Parliamentary Research Commission regarding the protection and the survival of endangered languages.
HDP Şırnak deputy Nuran İmir gave a proposal in Kurdish for the Minister of Education Ziya Selçuk to response referring to the importance of mother language. The proposal stated as follows: “Even to make discussions on multilingual education is not accepted. Language discussions carried out in the context of the Kurdish issue create an hostile ground by creating contrast. This causes the debate to remain narrow and polarized." 
HDP Van Deputy Tayip Temel presented a research proposal demanding the pressures on Kurdish to be removed. 
In the proposal, it is stated that Kurdish is seen as a “threat” by the official ideology. The proposal presented in the parliement includes the following statements: “For this reason, even though linguistic assimilation has been applied to many other languages, the most important target of the assimilation policy is Kurdish. Kurds have become the target of the lynch culture as Kurdish language has been ignored in the public sphere. Kurds are still being attacked public transportation, construction sites, market centers and neighborhoods when they speak Kurdish. Şirin Tosun, 19 years old, was the last incident, who was lynched and killed by 6 people and then shot with a gun in the head, because she spoke Kurdish in the center of Sakarya on October 13, 2019."