Temelli: A real reform can not be mentioned before TMK is repealed


ANKARA- HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli, stating that Anti Terror Law (TMK) is the 'clandestine constitution' of Turkey, said: "A real reform can not be mentioned before TMK is repealed."

Temelli who stated that Turkey needs to take immediate action on its judiciary, said: "He insults everyone. And when we critisize him, he sues us saying 'You can not insult the president'. There is nothing about this on the strategy document. Then we can call this document 'One man reform'.
Turkey has a clandestine constitution which is the called the Anti-terror Law. It is practiced against the forces of democracy and the Kurdish. If you are really sincere about a judiciary reform, we are prepared about it. Let us send you our work. Our work is for social peace. It is for the repeal of the TMK, freedom of expression, opening a path for democratic politics, no one standing trial for being involved in democratic politics. We are assertive about this. Take it and analyze it and see how change is possible."