Attorney Kanar : "ECHR drifting away from its principles, started protecting the states.

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  • 11:17 3 October 2018
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İSTANBUL- Attorney Ercan Kanar said that ECHR is drifting from its founding principles and moving towards protecting the states.
The verdict of the ECHR is discussed widely after the court decision of refusal about the maltreatment and torture of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.
A known criminal lawyer Ercan Kanar stated that ECHR have not been successful protecting its own founding principles and guidelines. Kanar: "ECHR has been turning cases over to domestic law in order to evade the work load. Due to the fact that the judges are being sent by the states, ECHR cant evolve to be libertarian. 
Kanar states that the ECHR verdicts clearly show that the institution grounds their decisions on the protection of the states. 
Kanar added: “The number of disincentive verdicts have decreased dramatically. The judges coming from east Europe tend to be protective of the states. That's how they're raised.”
Kanar, who analyzes the verdict on Mr. Öcalan, declares that he finds the verdict to be unlawful and it contradicts with the last verdict.
Kanar who states that the verdict in question grounds on the protection of the contracting state, contradicts the verdict on March 18, 2014.
Kanar concluded: "Abdullah Öcalan is not an ordinary prisoner. His conviction closing on 20 years has to end for the process of social peace to begin.”

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