Jin magazine is published with the headline 'Mother Language'

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  • 12:58 18 February 2024
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ISTANBUL - The new issue of Jin magazine met with the readers with the headline "Ziwan, ziman, zimanê zikmakî".
The 51st issue of Jin magazine, which meets with readers weekly, was published with the headline "Ziwan, ziman, zimanê zikmakî" to draw attention to February 21, World Mother Language Day. This week's issue of the magazine focuses on the bans the Kurdish language is subjected to and the rights violations these bans cause, especially in women's lives.
All titles in the new issue are as follows:
* Keeping the Kurdish language alive despite all the pressure / Roza Metina
* Kamber Ateş, how are you? / Perişan Akan -Ata Soyer School of Health Policy
* Health care in mother language / Yıldız Ok Orak
* Access to mechanisms to combat violence in one's mother language – Interview with Women's Time Association member Newroz Unverdi / Şükran Demir
* Freedom against isolation / Ebru Günay