Mothers for Peace: We want to hear from Ocalan

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  • 11:37 5 February 2024
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ÊLIH – Mothers for Peace at the Justice Watch in Êlih stated that they wanted to hear from Abdullah Ocalan, who is in absolute isolation.

There has been no news from PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is held in absolute isolation in İmralı Type F High Security Closed Prison, and Omer Hayri Konar, Veysi Aktas and Hamili Yıldırım, who are held in İmralı, for 35 months. All applications made by families and lawyers are blocked on the grounds of "disciplinary" penalties. Hunger strikes were launched on November 27 against this situation in prisons. Prisoners also demand the freedom of PKK Leader Ocalan and the solution to the Kurdish issue. Justice Watch action continue in many cities with similar demands.
Meyaser Akdag, one of the members of the Mothers for Peace Assembly who was at the Justice Watch in Êlih, said: "Women, young people and mothers must struggle and unite against the state's policies of oppression and cruelty. Let us be the voice of the prisoners who raise the struggle between four walls. I am calling out to the people of Batman from here. Almost everyone has a relative being held in prison. Let's put an end to this torture. Let's be in solidarity with the prisoners."
Drawing attention to the absolute isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, Akdag said: “Millions of people want to hear from Mr. Ocalan. People all over the world are in the fields for it. There is both a hunger strike and a 'Great Freedom March' here."
Another Mother for Peace, Hori Acar, said: "The resistance put forward by PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan frustrated the plans of the imperialist powers. Greetings to the Kurds who follow the path of their children and struggle to build an honorable life. If a struggle is carried out along the lines of Mr. Ocalan, the Kurds will win. This is what has happened so far. All the gains are thanks to the path drawn by Mr. Ocalan. Everyone must take responsibility for Mr. Ocalan, who drew this path and freed the Kurds.”
Greeting those who participated in the Great Freedom March, Acar said: “This march is a march that will go down in history. A march that made February 15th a waste. We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported us."
Sultan Azboy said: "In many parts of the world, Kurds are resisting for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan. They are demanding their freedom. They are resisting in prisons. They are resisting in European cities. They are resisting in four parts of Kurdistan. No matter what they do, these people do not give up on Mr. Ocalan. with each passing day. The government has to meet with Mr. Ocalan. "