61 women on hunger strike in Evin Prison: Stop the murders

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  • 13:09 25 January 2024
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NEWS CENTER - 61 women political prisoners in Evin Prison started a hunger strike to protest the execution of Mohammed Qabadlo and Farhad Salimi. The prisoners' hunger strike received support from human rights activists and artists.

In Iran, on January 23, Mohammed Qabadlo and Farhat Salimi, who had been captive for 14 years, were executed by the regime. While reactions to the Iranian regime increased due to the executions, 61 women political prisoners in Evin Prison announced in a phone call with their families that they would start a general hunger strike on January 25 against the execution of 2 young people.
Following the decision of the women prisoners to go on hunger strike, many artists and politicians announced that they would support the hunger strike with statements made on their virtual media accounts. Among those who made statements are artist Mehdi Yarrahi, journalist Masih Alinejad, poet Hassan Homayun and detained activists Sepideh Qalian, Zainab Jalalian and Tomaj Salehi.
Mehdi Yarrahi, who was arrested on August 30, 2023 after protesting the headscarf obligation in Iran with the song he composed, and was later released on parole, said on his virtual media account, "I will start a hunger strike, together with 61 women prisoners of conscience in Evin to protest the execution of Mohammed Qabadlo.”
Rap artist Tomaj Salehi, who is imprisoned for the songs he wrote and composed, also announced that he will start a hunger strike in support of his family members through a message he sent. The statement made by Salehi's family on his official account is as follows: "After the murder of Mohammad Qabadlo and Farhad Salimi, Salehi will go on a hunger strike along with 61 political prisoners in the women's ward of Evin Prison. Stop the murders."
Havana Tamisi, wife of Kurd political prisoner Muhsin Mazlum, said: "As a libertarian and an opponent of the Islamic Republic regime, I declare my hunger strike together with 61 women prisoners in Evin. Now not only my husband Muhsin Mazlum, but also hundreds of prisoners all over Iran are waiting to be executed. This government and their inhumane murders must end.”
Poet Hassan Homayun made the following statement on his virtual media account: "I will not eat or drink on Thursday, January 25, to support the 61 women prisoners in Evin Prison, and I support the hunger strike of women prisoners. The prisoner women's expectation from those outside is that the hunger strike action will spread."