Mithat Sancar: Open the doors of İmralı for the great peace


ANKARA- Addressing those seeking a consensus in Sochi, Astana and America, HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said, “Opening the doors of İmralı to open the path leading to peace. Let's start with the Dolmabahçe Consensus. Öcalan is most absolutely going to be the light of this road."

At the 4th Great Ordinary Congress of Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Mithat Sancar raised a call for the thousands of people. Greeting the Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish participants of the congress said, "You have arrived here from the four corners of Turkey and Kurdistan regardless of all the oppresion. You have brought here with you the courage and hope."


Sancar speech continued as follows: “Of course, before starting talking, we should salute from the depths of our hearts all those who deserve this the most. We are sending our warm regards to our comrades, Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, who have been held hostage in prisons and to all our other comrades, our precious brothers who had go to exile. You also see it and feel it that all that price have not been paid for nothing.


Now it is our time to protect our resistance and those who resist. But now we will say this clear and loud. It's time to construct. We will contruct what we have earned. We will put democracy, freedom and peace at the ground of this construction. It is time to construct democracy, freedom and justice. Those who resist and bring us this heritage give us this task: Construct the new life, construct the democratic life, the free life. HDP is on the way of construction and will achieve this.


If we need to pay a price, we are ready to do so. We will establish the peace. But we will do this negotiating with the whole society. The address of the negotiation itself is society.  We will not leave the safety of this peace to the rulers and individuals. We will also seek the safety of this peace. Who will be our referee? The whole country will be the referee. The world conscience will be the referee. We invite everyone to contribute to the path of the peace.


The precondition for brotherhood is that everyone is free, everyone is equal. There is no brotherhood in a place where there is no freedom and equality. Therefore, the struggle for freedom and equality is also the struggle for the brotherhood of the peoples. This Congress is our most important message to Turkey. This Congress is the purest demonstration of our goals. We know the one and only thing that social problems cannot be resolved violently. We have no doubt that the solution is democratic politics. The solution is in free speech, in social negotiation. Let's go hand in hand, let's see the problems together. Let's discuss the solution together."