Collective struggle call from TJA for Öcalan's freedom


DİYARBAKIR - Calling for a joint struggle for the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, TJA stated that the aggravated isolation imposed upon Öcalan is the prevention against the pursuit of rights and freedom of women, the struggle, the organization and the democracy.

Free Women's Movement (TJA-Tevgera Jinên Azad) announced a written declaration regarding the 21st anniversary of the conspiracy against PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, which resulted in his handing in to Turkey.
The statement of TJA is as follows: "There are hundreds of conspiracies, for instance Şêx Seîd in 1925, Ağrı in 1930, Dersim in 1937 and so on so forth. An international conspiracy was held against the Kurdish people's leader, the pioneer of the Middle East popular resistance, which also expanded in the 20th century Abdullah Öcalan, on February 15, 1999, in order to end the struggle and deepen the war and genocide in the Middle East, against the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people. This inter-plot is the beginning of NATO's intervention in the Middle East as a NATO gladio plan, and the purge of the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom. And this plan comes out to be visible in the genocides that the peoples of the region have been facing. The conspiracy has been developed as an interstate project and has been maintained through various stages over the years.
Despite the severe isolation conditions, Mr. Abdullah Öcalan never gave up on the search for a solution to the Kurdish question based on peaceful and democratic politics. When he was stating his understanding of peace, he declared the peace to be honored, the state to recognize the democratic will and the local sollution to include the universal sollution. He stated that the path of the freedom of the people follows the path of the freedom of women and the democratic confederal system he designed assumes women as the central mechanism. He gave a great value to the women and the struggle of women in this perspective. 
Against the fascist-reactionary AKP-MHP alliance, peoples should raise the struggle with the spirit of unity and solidarity by establishing a democratic alliance of the peoples. There is no other way to resist the aftershock of the February 15th international conspiracy and to protect and develop all our democratic achievements. We know and believe in very well that the February 15 international conspiracy, which was held in person of Mr. Öcalan, aimed against the Kurdish people and all democracy defenders. Therefore, it is not possible to imagine that the conspiracy is actually wasted without Mr. Öcalan setting free. Mr. Öcalan's freedom and his leadership in the circumstances of his freedom is synonymous with the freedom of the Kurdish people and democratic forces. This is our reason, which we can not give up and we can not postpone. This is the key to peace and solution.
The aggravated isolation has been partly broken together with the hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Güven under the slogan 'Break the isolation destroy the fascism', which has continued from November 2018 till the May 2019 and resulted in martyres. However AKP-MHP coalition which rises on war had started to apply isolation again.
The aggravated isolation imposed upon Öcalan is the prevention against the pursuit of rights and freedom of women, the struggle, the organization and the democracy.  In this context, breaking the absolute isolation upon the  leader of Kurdish people Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, will mean to break one of the obstacles against the hope of peace and free life for all the peoples of the Middle East, especially women and the Kurdish people. We invite all democratic forces, especially women, to the common struggle to break the isolation for the freedom of Kurdish people's leader."