Oluç: USA launched actual war against Iran


ANKARA - HDP Group Deputy Chairperson Saruhan Oluç, stating that the killing of Iranian general Kasım Suleymani will cause serious problems, said: "USA have launched an actual war against Iran with this move. This is an extremely dangerous move."

People's Democratic Party (HDP) Group Deputy Chairperson Saruhan Oluç held a press conference at his party's headquarters on the latest developments. Oluç stating that the Libya motion adopted with the AKP - MHP votes is an act of war, said: "All opposition parties have taken a joint stance and voted 'No' for this motion. The social opposition is very determined that they don't want war. The non-governmental organizations are also standing against war. This picture shows that this motion only belongs to AKP- MHP government."
Oluç, stating that  the killing of Qassem Suleiman, the commander of the Iranian Jerusalem forces, will have serious consequences, said: "The region is getting more and more complicating. The discourse that Turkey is a game changer is definately wrong because the government is not changing the game, it is merely a pawn in the game. So, what is our advice? Our advice is to strengthen the diplomacy and the negotiations and Turkey assuming initiative to solve the problem in a non- military way. The killing of Kasım Suleymani is not such a step.USA have started a war against Iran with this step and it is an extremely dangerous step."