HDP executives who revealed the shifted voters taken under custody

SİİRT- 3 people taken under custody with police raid to their addresses. 2 of them turned out to be HDP executives, Cemal Turhan and Eşref Tekin, who reveled the 12 thousand shifted voter registrations.
Early this morning police raids were carried out to many addresses in Siirt.  People's Democtratic Party IT manager Cemal Turhan, party's Local Administrators Project Representative Eşref Tekin and a person whose name could not be obtained was taken under custody.
Digital materials were confiscated in house searches, while information on the grounds of detention could not be obtained. The 3 people taken into custody were taken to the Siirt Police Department.
According to the information obtained from HDP executives, the two names  that revealed the  6 thousand 488 voters that has been deleted, Cemal Turhan and Eşref Tekin was taken under custody..