HDP: Distance education is designed according to AKP's ideological needs

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  • 15:58 24 March 2020
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ANKARA - HDP Education Policies and Sports and Culture-Art Commission Spokesperson Sevtap Akdağ Karahalı said that the distance education process was designed according to the AKP's ideological needs.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Education Policies Sports and Culture-Art Commission Spokesperson Sevtap Akdağ Karahalı made a written statement regarding the shortcomings in the distance education program. The deficiencies in the educational techniques was pointed out in the statement and it was said that the content of the courses were not appropriate for the students and that healthy internet access could not be provided due to intensive use.
The statement said: "The fact that the secondary school students were made to watch videos of the execution of Adnan Menderes is one of these problems. Or the students made to listen to canticles between classes. The students are made to listen to religion listens which is above their level of comprehention. The government is designing the distance education according to their ideological needs. AKP -MHP government is trying to create children that obeys the one man regime, create vindictive children that hates everyone else. This approach that will effect millions of children and their development and psychology is unacceptable."