Co-mayor refuses imposition by governor taken into custody

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  • 13:45 24 March 2020
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IĞRDIR - Halfeli Municipality co-mayor, Hasan Safa, was asked to issue a "message inviting people to stay calm" despite the news of dismissal of HDP-run municipalities. Safa was detained when he refused to issue the message.

Hasan Safa, HDP co-mayor of Halfeli Belde Municipality, was taken into custody on Monday in Iğdır. He was able to meet with his lawyer who reported that Safa, whose length of detention was extended by 4 days, was detained under the pretext of a file he was tried before.
Meeting with his client at the Iğdır Provincial Gendarmerie Command, lawyer Haydar Mızrak said that Safa was invited to the governorate by the Deputy Governor of Iğdır before his dismissal to be informed of the decision. Mızrak said that the Deputy Governor asked co-chair Safa to share a message 'reassuring people' and asking them to stay calm. When Safa refused he was detained.