Kurdish Language and Culture Network calls on Kurds to 'take care of the language'

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  • 19:58 20 February 2020
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DİYARBAKIR- Declaring that they will fight for the protection and improvement of the language, Kurdish Language and Culture Network raised the following call: "Kurds should strive to dominate Kurdish in all areas of life" in the press statement organized regarding the February 21-World Mother Language Day.


Lawyer Mehmet Aktar, who is in the board of Kurdish Language and Culture Network emphasized that they still follow and claim the heritage of the Kurdish names such as Ehmedê Xanî and Xanêy Qûbadî. Referring that Kurdish does not only lack of all the state opportunities, but is also stonewalled by the state, Aktar called on state to remove the obstacles against Kurdish language. Aktar stated that they will continue their civil struggle to gain a democratic status for the Kurdish language. Reminding that as hard as a language lives, it is so easy for a language to die, Aktar said that Kurdish, which gives the danger signals, shall be taken care in order to be protected.


Aktar said that it is up to those who use the language to eliminate the danger that the Kurdish language faces and stated that urgent practical studies should be carried out in this regard. Aktar finished his statements as follows: "Our call on all Kurds who are self-conscious in this important day is this; they should strive to fight for the protection and improvement of the language and to make Kurdish dominant in every sphere of life. As a result, we have the solution to the problems that our language faces. Let's protect and improve our language, which is the reason of our existence, all together. We celebrate the World Mother Language Day with these feelings and thoughts."