'Öcalan draws attention to the importance of living in peace'


İSTANBUL - Celalettin Can, a member of the Wise People Delegation, stating that there is a need for social reconciliation against polarization in Öcalan's message, said: "Öcalan draws attention to the importance of living together in peace."

PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, through his lawyers, signed a declaration of 7 articles with the signature of 3 other detainees. Wise People Anatolian Delegation  and 78's Initiative member Celalettin Can evaluated the imporatnce of the meeting and the declaration.
Can who drew attention to the fact that for a very long time there has been a social seperation that has been experienced in the society, said dichotomy is a big concern for the society. Can said: "Division of society, campification, confrontation policy is now blocked, indicating that the policy is not desired by the society."
Can who drew attention to the message of Öcalan in which he pointed out the need for deep social reconciliation against social polarization, said: "We should notice that the society is devided into two poles. However öcalan draws attention to social peace, unity and sustainable order in his message. He is sensitive to the precisions of Turkey, he draws attention to the importance of living in peace."
Can who evaluated the Öcalan's discourse about 'honourable peace' and 'Democratic politics', said:" In order for everyone living in Turkey to achieve democratic politics and honourable peace, every one should be able to define themselves in their own way and their definition should be recognized by everyone."
Stressing that the prejudices towards separating the society should come to an end after all these experiences, Can said: “Peoples, beliefs and communities exist with their thoughts. In other words, if there are people, there are also thoughts and behaviors and and their ways of thinking. We should be respectful to all of it. It is not enough just to say that you are Kurdish. Okay they are Kurdish, but they have the same rights as you do as the Kurdish. Today, the dominant people in the country are Turks. The rights of the Turkish people should be the same as the rights of the Kurdish people."
Can who stated that the government has so far been controversial and has been criticized by more than half of the society,said that the government's overthrowing the negotiation table after HDP recieving 13 percent vote in June 7 elections was a wrong policy. 
Can who recalled the 2013-2015 process ,stated thatthe process was not well managed by the government and said: "Our Wise People Delegation's objections were not heard.The level of insecurity of the parties against each other was high. but there is no need to refuse even the most insecure solution. However, the interview channels should be kept open.” 
Can said: "If Öcalan is to be seated at a table again, there must be a regulation that secures Öcalan and those who work for a solution, in short, there must be a law for this. First, the conditions of Öcalan need to be improved. If he is going to talk about a negotiation or a new process, if there will be peace in the end, one of the most important aspects of this is Öcalan. How will we achieve peace without correcting the conditions of the most important person of one part or presenting a transition model? If you don't secure that people who will lead people to peace, you're not sincere, you're playing political games if you do not do this. Shouldn't a person in that position have a secretariat, and have the opportunity to meet with civil society, politicians and others? Okay, Öcalan is a strong and intelligent leader, but wouldn't the problems solved sooner if he were able to talk to someone, made meetings, works in a more comfortable environment? Although a legal regulation was made in the 2013-2015 process, however, this law was only securing the state officials. Öcalan has expressed this many times. As a precedent, I have been taken into custody because of these meetings I participated as a member of the Wise People's Delegation. Can it work like this?