‘Turkey represents the defeated in Syria’

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  • 11:04 5 October 2018
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BATMAN- Ekrem Ergül, from the newspaper Fersude, stated that Turkey represents the defeated in Syria even though it appears to be on the same side with Russia.
The operation Syrian Army wants to perform to Idlib which controlled by salafi groups as Heyet El- Şam (El Nusra) and Ahrar-u Şam , is on hold for now because of the Soçi Agreement. There is no sign of retreating even though the time to form a buffer zone in October 15 is almost up.
Ekrem Ergül from Newspaper Fersude said it is naive to think the operation to İdlib called off. Ergül stated HTŞ which havent made a statement yet, will not stick to the agreement. Ergül, stating "They are not allies, they are opponents" for Russia and Turkey  added that Turkey represent those who have been defeated.
Ergül predicted: "Russian can start the operation they are very determined to do, even if they have to provoke an incident."
Ergül , mentioning the position of the Kurdish and DSG (Democratic Syrian Forces) ,said: "A broad Efrin operation is sighted on the horizon after the corridor after the İdlib operation is set. The government says that the war will continue after the last square meter is saved. As a result the possibility for a Syria to become a confederate state is rising. There are statements verbalising that DSG is preping for the operation. The fact that DSG performing an operation to idlib with the regimen or by themselves is unavoidable and a matter of time.”
Ergül added; " I think Turkey's way out of this danger is a fortright peace with the Kurdish. And the way to this peace is admitting Kurdish' political will as an equal."