Journalist Drewş: KDP is acting as a guard for Turkey

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  • 10:23 26 March 2024
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İZMİR - Stating that KDP acts like a "family company" rather than a political party, journalist Memed Drewş said: "KDP builds all the roads of Turkish bases. KDP acts as a guard in Southern Kurdistan."
KDP, which holds the Federated Kurdistan Regional Government under pressure, has acted together with the occupying forces in recent years, making its existence questionable. Following the referendum decision taken on September 25, 2017, the surrender of Kurdistan lands to Iraqi sovereignty and the agreements made with the central government for Kirkuk and Shengal increased the unrest among the people. KDP, which took part in the attacks launched by Turkey against Zap, Metina and Avaşîn regions on April 17, 2022, endangers all the gains of the Kurds. KDP, which has paved the way for Turkey's establishment of bases in the region and military shipments, is also involved in the diplomacy traffic carried out for a new war.
KDP's anti-Kurdish position also manifested itself in the Provincial General Assembly member elections held on December 18, 2023. Especially after the election won by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Yekîtiya Niştimanperwerê Kurdistan-YNK) in Kirkuk, a Kurdish administration could not be established in the city due to the attitude of the KDP. After the talks with Turkey, the KDP suspended the planned talks with the YNK and prevented the election of a Kurdish governor for the city. While looking for ways to get out of the political crisis, KDP announced that they will not participate in the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (IKBY) parliamentary elections to be held on June 10.
Journalist Mehmed Drewş evaluated the policies implemented by the KDP and the stance it took in the region. Pointing out that KDP has lost its qualification as a Kurdistan party and behaves like a Turkish party, Drewş said that KDP works for Turkey's interests. 
Stating that KDP opened the lands of Southern Kurdistan to Turkey, Drewş said: “Bashika has nothing to do with PKK. But they have been there for many years and have not come out. The statement that Turkey is there because PKK is in Southern Kurdistan is a big lie. The reason it is there is hostility towards Kurds. They always found an excuse. When there was a massacre in Halabja, YNK was cited as the reason. The reason for the Anfal massacre was KDP. When the massacre took place in Qamishlo, the Deir Al-Zour match was used as a reason. There are always excuses. Turkey can no longer wage the war on its own. The recent diplomatic talks are linked to the Newroz Good News. Turkey relied on UCAVs and bullied all the states of the world. At this stage, Turkey is stuck. It started asking for help from the rulers and the KDP. The discussions should be seen in this context. Turkey is trying to create a land force for itself, just like in Syria. It is doing this with the KDP in Bashur."
Pointing out that KDP has a policy of "No matter what happens, my company should not be harmed", Drewş reminded that for KDP, Kurdistan consists only of Hewlêr and Duhok. Drewş continued: “KDP does not see Sulaymaniyah as Kurdistan territory. Halabja and Kirkuk are not Kurdistan for its. Turkey is targeting civilians there. It sees the civilian deaths as the loss of life of a company employee. If it had any national consciousness it wouldn't do this. This is what makes us lose the most. We see that KNK received votes in places where it could not receive votes until now. It became the first party in Kirkuk. This situation put KDP in fear. And they started looking for a new formula to prepare for the upcoming elections. They wear Iraqi soldiers' uniforms and move with Iraqi flags. There is not a single Arab or Shiite in the photo shared by the Turkish general as a meeting with Iraq. Mesut Barzani had his own nephew, Behzat Şex Melle Mistefa."
Underlining that there must be no cooperation with the enemies of the Kurds, Drewş said: "Yes, there are neighborly relations. Nobody says to establish relations with neighboring countries. But when establishing relations, do not base them on destroying another Kurdish movement. They disarmed the forces in Rojhilat in September. It was done for the benefit of Iran. And today, support is being given to Turkey. What KDP is doing is village guarding. KDP also legitimized the occupation of Rojava. They come out and say, 'Turkey does not have a problem with the Kurds, it has a problem with the PKK.' Afrin, Girê Spî, Serekani Is there a PKK? While these areas are forbidden to all Kurds, the Barzani foundation goes to this region where crimes against humanity are taking place and legitimizes it. KDP builds all the roads of Turkish bases in Southern Kurdistan. KDP acts as a guard in Southern Kurdistan."
Noting that there was a serious public reaction against all these policies, Drewş said that although the KDP tried to intimidate the people with prisons and various pressures, the reaction also increased. Adding that KDP is also isolated in Erbil, Drewş said: “When KDP realized that it would lose the elections in response to the reactions, it announced that it would boycott. Previously, before the election started, there were 11 members of Parliament. But this law has been changed. Everyone understood that KDP is Turkey's piano. Journalist Süleyman Ahmet has not been heard from by anyone for more than 150 days. The fundamental right to see a lawyer and family is being denied. It carries out the same isolation policies as Turkey. It wants to suppress the increasing voices against it. Ethem Barzani is from his own family. He is not allowed to enter Erbil right now because he made some noise. Ethem Barzani has become a refugee in his own country.”
Adding that the Kurds need a national unity, Drewş reminded that national unity can be achieved even without the KDP. Drewş said: “KDP has nothing to do with Kurdishness anymore. KDP is as Kurdish as Orhan Miroğlu, Mehmet Metiner and Prosecutor Sayan are. Therefore, there is no need to wait for KDP. National unity can be achieved with existing forces."