Paylan: AKP distributes the undisclosed expense to exponents

ANKARA- Garo Paylan, HDP's economist parliamentarian, said about AKP government's undisclosed expenses goes by the name "other expenses" and “discretionary funds"; "That money is being distributed to exponents as part of public & private sector projects.”
According to TUSIAD's central administration budget, the government had spent 55 billion Liras in 2016 and 65 billion Liras in 2017 under the name of "other expenses". These expenses which noone knows where they are spent reached 30.4 billion Liras in the first 8 months of 2018. 10.4 billion Liras which is %34.4 of contractor costs were kept hidden under the name "other expenses". Also, a significant ascent catches attention in "discretionary funds.
According to the report, pro forma budget deficit for 2018's %70 had already been spent in the first 6 months and 100 billion Lira of deficit spending is predicted by the end of the year. Another aspect that cathes attention in the report is, %53 of the allowance is from discretionary funds.
Garo Paylan, HDP's economist parliamentarian said the parliamentarians are informed about the expenses under the names of " other expenses" and discretionary funds" .
Paylan: "These resources are payed from Turkey's budget. with the increasing exchange rates, these numbers get even higher.
Paylan stating that the corruption economy is on in Turkey, said "Especially the investment groups that are affiliated with the government and the public and private sector projects causes enormous embezzlements. The embezzlements are hidden between the budget entries. All of these are the works of Erdoğan who is trying to rule Turkey in a manner of a monarch. Erdoğan creates resources for those who obey them.